Penkta Koja shelter

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Penkta Koja shelter

There is a live stream from shelter for homeless animals Penkta Koja in Lithuania. Baltic Live Cam web camera is showing the small room with the dogs living there in online time 24/7.

The shelter for homeless animals “Penkta Koja” dates back to 2010. It is a private animal shelter, where animals are not put down if they can’t find a new home for a very long time, they are kept at the shelter as long as it’s needed. Right now, about 150 dogs and some cats live in the shelter, with its primary working force consisting of volunteers.

Shelter’s mission is to continually reduce the number of homeless animals in Lithuania by conducting the strict female dog sterilization program and educating society about animal welfare problems, animal adoption and charity. The sterilization program of the shelter helps to reduce the number of stray pets, which can lead to good long-term results.

“Penkta Koja” believes that the reduced number of homeless animals will lead to only one animal in each cage and kennel, no more than 60 – 70 abandoned puppies twice a year in their shelter, no animal abuse cases and more responsibility and care towards pets from their owners.

The shelter is ever-active, trying more and more to find a loving new home for their pets. However, it is not easy, as the shelter not only has a building in Kaunas, but also an old abandoned mansion in Linksmakalnis, which is yet to be fully renovated. In order to do that, the shelter needs your help!


To help animals from Penkta Koja is very easy: just go to the Penkta Koja home page in project and choose the products they need.

There is another webcam from the shelter Penkta Koja.

Watch Baltic Live Cam live stream from shelter Penkta Koja and help animals!

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