“Ulubele” shelter (dogs)

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Shelter “Ulubele”

The “Dzīvnieku pansija Ulubele” (Ulubele Animal Sanctuary) is non-commercial society has been established in 2005 and has since become one of the biggest and most well-known shelters in Latvia. It has pledged to protect the rights of animals and help those pets that have not yet found a new home, with the shelter’s workers and volunteers doing their best to do it as fast as possible.

The web camera online from Baltic Live Cam is located on right on the dogs playground, so you can see how dogs are playing and how they communicate with the visitors.

Right now, animal shelter “Ulubele” is home to, at least, 400 animals. It is always ready to welcome new inhabitants, who often come in to places of the previous inhabitants of the shelter, which can be seen in the live streams.

The society of “Ulubele” shelter strives to:

  • Ensure that each animal, for whom a new owner could not be found for a long time for any reason, is taken care of in the sanctuary for its whole life;
  • Express positive attitude towards pets, independently from its breed, age and health condition;
  • Actively cooperate in order to update and improve the animal welfare norm act;
  • Define animals as a prominent part of the environment and provide equal life quality for both humans and animals.

“Ulubele” is always passionate about what they do. Since its establishment, the shelter took part in many charitable events and actions, collaborating with a lot of organizations with the same goal – to help animals. Among the most popular events was the Summer Big Work (“Vasaras lielais darbs”) that took place in the shelter in July 2016 and has gathered more than a thousand volunteers – a record which is yet to be beaten by other Latvian shelters.

The “Ulubele” shelter is always in the center of attention from volunteers, animals’ rights activists and pet lovers. However, it does not mean they don’t need help: the shelter is always in need of animal food and other products, that can be bought right on the shelter’s “Ulubele” page from the Animalslife.NET project.

Look at the online shop beneath the live stream to buy the necessary products and share the information about the shelter on social media!


Watch another Baltic Live Cam  live stream from “Ulubele” – the cat room here.

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