Panoramic view of Gagra

Gagra , Abkhazia


In this webcam you can get acquainted with the most beautiful city of Abkhazia - Gagra. The settlement in the online broadcast is located along the coastline, stretching for several kilometers.

Gagra, where the live stream is coming from, is the most popular resort in Abkhazia. The beaches of Gagra run 50 km along the coast. Most of the beach areas in the city are pebbly, but there are also sand-pebble places.

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Gagra in this webcam has a conditional division into two parts: Old Gagra and New Gagra. On the beaches of Old Gagra prefer to rest quiet vacation lovers. There are not a lot of people there. The beach areas of New Gagra, on the contrary, are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can ride a boat, speedboat, catamaran, water bikes, "bananas", make paragliding and visit the water park.

Gagra is also a balneological resort. There is a hot hydrogen sulphide spring and thermal water with a special composition.

Diving is also popular in Gagra that you see in online camera.

There are interesting historical, architectural, cultural and natural attractions in the city in this live feed.

Abaata Fortress

The oldest historical attraction in Gagra is the Abaata Fortress, built by the Romans in the 4th century on the banks of the same name river in the Zhoekvarsky gorge. Only fragments of the citadel have survived to this day. Old Gagra is bounded by the Zhoekvara River (Zhvava-Kvara) and Tsikherva River. Here are concentrated the largest number of historical sights.

The Gagra temple, built in the center of the Abaata Fortress, attracts tourists a lot. Currently, the church houses the Museum of weapons of Abkhazia.

Palace of the Prince of Oldenburg

Another striking landmark is the 1902 Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg. The abandoned fortress still attract tourists to take beautiful photos.

Seaside Park in Gagra

Seaside Park in Gagra appeared at the beginning of the last century by the architect Shervinsky and decorator Brener. Its area is 14 hectares, and its length is 6 km along the coast. More than 400 plants grow in the garden, most of which are exotic: date palms from the Canary Islands, mallow from Syria, agave, candy tree, Himalayan cedars. Black swans and goldfish swim in an artificial reservoir. At the entrance to the park there is a 60-meter Gagra colonnade (4 towers with arcades).

Observation decks of Gagra

In Gagra, which you see online, there are two observation platforms with a beautiful view not only at the city, but also of Pitsunda and the Sukhum Cape. They are located on Mamdzyshkha Mountain.

Krubera (Voronya) Cave

This is the deepest cave in the world. It is located 15 km from Gagra in the Arbaika Massif, mountain range. The depth of the cave is 2196 m. This natural landmark is a series of wells connected by galleries.


Gagra in this live camera is the warmest city in Abkhazia. The swimming season starts in May and lasts until October. The hottest months are July and August, while the coldest month is January. The air temperature in Gagra rarely drops below 0C. Most of the rain falls in winter and early spring.
Weather forecast in Gagra for 7 days is available on our website online.

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