Beach of Pitsunda

Pitsunda , Abkhazia

Pitsunda beach

Here is a live broadcast with a view on the beach of the Abkhazia resort town of Pitsunda from the "Golden Fleece" building of the "Resort Pitsunda" boarding house.

The beaches of Pitsunda, one of which you see in the webcam, is a wide sandy and pebble coast. The town itself is located on a large promontory extending into the sea, among relict pines.

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On the territory of the resort, from where there is an online feed, there are medical sanatoriums and boarding houses.

The main historical monument of Pitsunda, whose beach is shown in live camera, is the ruins of the ancient city of Pitiunt. On the territory of the complex there is a temple of St. Andrew the First-Called of the 10th century. The tomb of John Chrysostom is located under the altar. Also in the building of the former monastery of the 19th century, there is the Museum of the History of Pitsunda.

The Pitsunda embankment, the beach area of which is perfectly visible in the online camera, is decorated with the "Divers" monument, created by Zurab Tsereteli in 1967.

A trip to Pitsunda can be conveniently combined with trips to Gagra, Sukhumi, where there is also a webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website, to the unique Lake Ritsa, Gegsky waterfall, New Athos and the Simoneau-Kananitsky Monastery.

Beaches of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is proud of its clean beaches and warm sea with a gentle entrance. The coast is covered with sand or pebbles. There are territories with developed infrastructure - entertainment for adults and children, as well as uncrowded, almost wild beaches, where it is pleasant to relax in silence.
The most popular beaches of Abkhazia: White Rocks, New Gagra Beach, Old Gagra Beach, Alahadza Beach, Lizava Beach, Pitsunda Central Beach, Mussera, Sinop Beach, New Athos Beaches, Sukhumi Beaches.


In Pitsunda, shown in the webcam, prevails a subtropical humid Mediterranean climate. Summer is warm, winter is mild. Thanks to the sea breeze, there is no heat during the summer period, and there is no frost in winter. The hottest month in Pitsunda is August. Summer vacation time lasts from May to September.

Weather forecast in Pitsunda for 7 days is available on our website online.

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