Arazaty beach

Corrientes , Argentina

Azaraty Beach

In our live stream camera, you have the opportunity to see Azaraty Beach, located in the town of Corrientes, northeast Argentina. As can be clearly seen in the online camera, the Azaraty Beach is washed by the Parana River. This is a popular vacation spot for locals.

In our webcam you also can see the bridge of General Manuel Belgrano, which connects to the city Resistencia, located on the opposite side. The river that you see in the livecam is like a border between two provinces.

Corrientes, where our online stream is from, is rich in historical sights. Ancient churches and public buildings are especially appreciated. The city has an amazing mix of colonial and modern architecture. There are also many museums here. For example, the Museum of Natural Sciences "Amado Bompland", the City Museum, the Corrientes Historical Museum, the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Traditional Folk Handicrafts.

In the city of Corrientes, where our webcam is located, there is the Day of the Nation main square with Jose Francisco de San Martín monument.

One side of the central square is decorated with the baroque Church of the Gracious Virgin (Iglesia de La Merced) of 1856. Tourists like to visit the Holy Rosary Cathedral (Catedral del Santo Rosario), listed in the Historic Monuments of Argentina.

The old city cemetery houses an important national monument of the Church of the Holy Miraculous Cross (Milagro de la Iglesia de la Santa Cruz). There are famous for their beauty luxury mansions of Corrientes: “House of Nalda” (Casa Nalda), National College, the residence of the current governor, located in a building that was a part of the old church Matriz (Iglesia Matriz). Also, it is interesting to get to know the Town Hall, beautiful Antigua's mansion (Casa Antigua), La Casa Martinez House, Molina Palace (Palacio Molina) and Manuel Belgrano Bridge (Puente Manuel Belgrano).

To be satisfied from the amazingly beautiful city of Corrientes, which beach is shown by our webcam, pay a visit to city parks, Zoo, Mburucuya National Park (Parque nacional Mburucuya) and wetland areas of the “Iber” Regional Preserve (Esteros del Ibera). This wonderful world created by nature combines lakes, lagoons and swamps, spread over 700,000 hectares. The ecosystem of the reserve has a scientific value: here is an invaluable ecosystem, inhabited by a variety of plants, animals, birds. In the swamps of "Ibery" live turtles, armadillos, river cubs, caimans, monkeys, swamp deer, black howler, marsh fox, boa, water boa, rattlesnake and giant poisonous snake "Nyakanina". From the world of flora in the reserve grow: laurel trees, reeds, ferns, reeds, water hyacinths, irises. The number of birds inhabiting the reserve is more than 400 species.

In the Corrientes, whose beach zone can be seen in the online camera, there is the traditional Carnival every year with a riot of color and music. The carnival marathon begins in February and lasts until March.


In the city of Corrientes, where is our live webcam, it often rains. Despite this, the climate here is comfortable, subtropical. The average annual temperature is + 20 ° C. December and March are traditionally the hottest period when the thermometer rises above + 32 ° C. In winter there is at least + 12 ° C. In summer, which falls on December-February, the average temperature is + 25.8 ° C. In winter, from June to August, the average temperature is + 15.9 ° C.

Weather forecast in Corrientes for 7 days is available on our website online.

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