Varese Beach

Mar del Plata , Argentina

Varese Beach

Our live stream camera is perfectly demonstrates one of the largest and most popular beaches in the Argentinean resort town of Mar del Plata - Varese Beach. Varese Beach (Playa Varese), which you see in our webcam, located on Peralta Ramos Boulevard and Avenida Colón Avenue in a curved artificial bay formed by two long stone breakwaters between Torreón del Monje and Cabo Corrientes.

Verese beach in the online camera is one of most lively beaches in Mar del Plata and a real cradle of tourist traffic thanks to the excellent central location. In summer, there are often various activities and games held here.

Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata

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The summer resort town of Mar del Plata, where our live webcam is located, lies at 400 km south from capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires.

Traveling to Mar Del Plata be sure to try the fish and seafood in the local restaurants. You will be satisfied. Mostly excellent restaurants are located along the embankment and in the Alem district.

If we talk about the architectural beauties of Mar del Plata, from the coast of which our live webcast is conducted, then you should pay attention to the Victorian mansions in the old city center.

Families with children will like the zoo with more than 300 animals’ species. By the way, the zoo held excursions not only during the day, but also at night.


There are interesting sights in Mar del Plata:

Cathedral of Saints Peter and Cecilia (Iglesia Catedral de los Santos Pedro y Cecilia); the chapel of Santa Cecilia (La Capilla de Santa Cecilia); the chapel of the Divino Rosto (Capilla Divino Rostro); Colon Square (Plaza Colon); Plaza of the Millennium (Plaza del Milenio); Banquina de Pescadores port (La Banquina de Pescadores); Sea Lion Reserve (Reserva de Lobos Marinos); Plaza San Martín; Grotto of Lourdes (Gruta de Lourdes) with a Virgin monument; water tower (La Torre Tanque).

A special place in Mar del Plata, which beach you see in the live cam, is occupied by the monument of Lobo Marino (El Monumento al Lobo Marino) - stone sculptures of two sea lions in the Navy Square of Argentina (Plazoleta de la Armada Argentina).

Traveling around Mar del Plata with Varese beach in our web camera, you will find a lot of museums.

The most interesting are:
Contemporary Art Museum (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo); House Museum of Artistic Arts by Juan Carlos Castagnino (Museo Municipal de arte Juan Carlos Castagnino); Museum of Artistic Expositions and Classical Music “Villa Victoria” (Villa Victoria); House Museum of local artist Alberto Bruzzone (Museo casa Alberto Bruzzone); Roberto Barili Historical City Museum "Villa Mitra" (Museo Histórico Municipal Roberto Barili Villa Miter); Lorenzo Scaglia Natural History Museum (El Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia); Museum of the Sea with sea snails (Museo del Mar); The Jesuit Museum Nuestra Signora del Pilar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar); House Museum Vito Dumas (Museo Vito Dumas); Underwater Navy Museum of Argentina (Museo de la Fuerza de Submarinos Armada Argentina).

What to do in Mar del Plata:

- Enjoy an amazing tango show at the Colon Theater and learn about the history of the Argentine tango.
- Dine at the fish restaurant or a tavern.
- Gambling tourists are advised to visit the casino.
- Stroll around the empty beaches of the city, such as Waikiki Beach or Playa Serena.


The city of Mar del Plata has an oceanic climate. Summer is wet and warm, with temperatures around 23-25C. Winter is cool, on average around 8C. Very rarely, the temperature can fall below 0C.
Weather forecast in Mar del Plata for 7 days is available on our website online.


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