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Tres Arroyos , Argentina
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Tres Arroyos

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Claromeco in the online camera is the main center of 100 km beach of Partido de Tres Arroyos, the largest in Argentina, accessed by paved roads. The sea coastline in live stream extends to the east, from the mouth of the Arroyo Cristiano Muerto River to the mouth of the Quequén Salado River in the west.

One of the distinguishing features of the beach in the live camera is the opportunity to enjoy both the sunrise on the sea and the sunset, since very few places in the country offer such a breathtaking spectacle.

An invariable characteristic of all the beaches of Claromeco in the web camera is their amplitude and large dunes, which can be enjoyed during all kinds of excursions and crossings.

The beaches of the resort in the online camera are covered with soft sand, and the water has a higher temperature compared to other resorts in the province, thanks to the passage of a warm current from Brazil.

The presence of iodine in the water with the appearance of large areas of foam and the presence of ferrous sulfate in the sand add healing properties to the beaches in the online broadcast, and are also quite picturesque.

Tres Arroyos

The city of Tres Arroyos, where the live broadcast is coming from, is located in the province of Buenos Aires.

Of the sights of the region in the online camera, the “Park Cabanas”(Parque Cabañas), or rather the municipal park “Angel Cabañas”, located on Libertad Avenue, is worth attention. This public park bears the name of a benefactor who sold the property to the municipality in 1968 and then distributed the money raised to local institutions. More than 1000 species of trees from different parts of the country grow on a huge area. Crossed by a stream that feeds its artificial lake, the park has playgrounds, swimming pools, and sports grounds.

The municipality of Tres Arroyos, whose beach you see online, has a well-defined urbanization planned by its founder Dardo Rocha in 1884. It preserves the styles that the Europeans gave to the cities they founded.

The two-block main square with the eclectic-style Municipal Palace and the Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen combines gothic and Byzantine styles. The layout of the city, where the live stream is being conducted from, has attractive green areas, such as the main square of San Martin.

Art lovers will be interested in visiting the Tres Arroyos Museums, in particular the José Mulazzi Museum of History, Archeology and Natural Sciences. Also, do not miss the opportunity to look at the Museum of Fine Arts with the works of famous artists such as: Spilimbergo, Castagnino, Soldi, Quinquela Martin and Fioravanti.

Of the historical monuments in Tres Arroyos, where this webcam is located, the Monument to Payador the Shepherd (Payador y al Resero) occupies an important place.

In addition, interesting tourist sites are also: the parish of Our Lady of Carmen, the municipality, La Previsión, the Italian Society, the Sarmiento Library and the Commercial Bank.

Other significant monuments in the city with an online camera: Monument to the Liberator, (equestrian sculpture in the square of the same name with two frescoes by Benito Quinquela Martin and Raul Soldi); a monument to Liberty and Lieutenant Volponi, the hero of the Malvinas Islands, consisting of a Mirage aircraft, the pedestal of which is located on a copy of the Malvinas Islands.

Of the festive events in Tres Arroyos, whose coast is shown by a webcam, the “Wheat Festival” (Fiesta del Trigo), celebrated in March, is of great interest. The event is accompanied by a parade where a wheat queen is chosen.


In Tres Arroyos, whose coast is shown by the online camera, a mild climate prevails with an average annual temperature of +16oC. The coldest winter month is June, the average air temperature is +11oC. The hottest is January, the average air temperature is +24.5oC. Weather forecast in Tres Arroyos for 7 days is available on our website online.

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