Kufstein city view

Kufstein , Austria


Our live stream is conducted from the beautiful Austrian city of Kufstein in Tyrol. As can be clearly seen in the online camera, the town is located near the Inn River.

Kufstein has the excellent ski resorts. Although in the summer, in a city well shown in our webcam, there is many things to do.

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Curious fact: in Kufstein was invented a sewing needle with an eye. So, thanks to that, there is a sewing Machine Museum in the city.

The most interesting sights of the city, which center you can see in the webcam, are mainly located on the east bank of the Inn River, surrounding the picturesque main square of Unterer Stadtplatz. Nearby, there is the Dreifaltigkeitskirche church. From the historical sights of Kufstein in our online livecam is the Kufstein fortress, a real symbol of Tyrol.

An important object of the city where there is a live stream camera, is the Burgersturm Tower, which houses the Tyrol Guard Museum. Another interesting structure is the Kaiserturm cylindrical tower (16 c.) - an excellent observation platform, visible from any point of the city. Nearby there is the Museum of Local Lore (Heimatmuseum) with a collection of archaeological finds, furniture and ancient weapons.

In the east of Kufstein, which you can see well online, there are parks connecting to the forest slopes of the Wilder Kaiser Ridge - a great place for walking.

The bet starting point to get acquainted with the region are Weinbergerhaus and Aschenbrenner Hutte shelters. It is convenient to walk along the picturesque Kaisertal Alpine valley, go to the small lakes, north west of the Inna valley or to the region’s largest Lake Thiersee.

It is also interesting to visit the neighborhood of Kufstein that you see is our live stream camera. For example, there are several resort villages very popular among tourists: Soll, Scheffau and Ellmau. In winter time, these settlements become the excellent ski resorts.

Visit the Bergwelt pass, the charming 17th-century parish church Söll, Hintersteiner See lake.Take a walk pasing the numerous mountain chalets.



The climate of Kufstein, which center is clearly visible in our online camera, is quite diverse. In summer, the average air temperature is + 20C, in winter + 1 degree. The lakes in Kufstein warm up in summer to a comfortable 25 ° C.

Weather forecast in Kufstein for 7 days is available on our website online.


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