Silver Sands beach

Christ Church , Barbados

Silver Sands Beach

You can clearly see in our webcam the famous Silver Sands beach, located on the south coast of Barbados. The beach, which perfectly shows our online camera, is especially popular among fans of water sports: windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Near the Silver Sands beach beach there are comfortable picnic benches located in the shade. The amusement park is also located nearby.

Christ Church

Christ Church, from where our live stream is being conducted, is one of eleven historical political divisions on the island. Christ Church is located in the south of Barbados. The key attraction of Christ Church, which you can see online, is the last mangrove swamp preserved in the state - the Graeme Hall nature sanctuary.

The main city of Christ Church, whose beach area is well shown in a webcam is Oistins. Another famous area is Saint Lawrence Gap - a popular tourist area in Barbados with many restaurants and clubs. This is the center of the island’s nightlife.

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Christ Church

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The Christ Church, which is clearly visible in the live camera, has a diverse coastline with a large number of excellent hotels and resort places. The south of the island is the best coast for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The areas of the southwest are the most favorable places for walks along the coast and swimming.


Barbados is a magical island surrounded by coral reefs and amazing beaches. Immersed in lush tropical vegetation, this part of the land attracts tourists from many countries around the world throughout the year.

The island, which beach can be seen online, mostly have a flat landscape. Close to the east, the relief becomes mountainous.

The former British colony, Barbados, lies on the eastern tip of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. From the east it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and from the west by the Caribbean Sea. Interestingly, Barbados still bears the nickname of “Little England.”

Keeping reserve places, the island attracts tourists with its unique tropical plants and animals. The capital of the island is the city of Bridgetown, where our webcam is also located.

The southern coast of the island with our online camera, is the meeting place of Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Here is the best windsurfing. Miniature hotels, restaurants, clubs stretch across the coast.

The west of the island is washed by the Caribbean Sea. There are golden sandy beaches and clear sea here. Fans of a relaxing will find the best place on this coast.
The eastern coast of Barbados is washed by to the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the island is considered as less explored tourist part.

In the east there are wild beaches, so the surfing along the coast is especially good.

The smallest part of the island is its north. Here, in St. Peter's District (25 km north of Bridgetown) is located the Barbados Wildlife Sanctuary with green monkeys, roes, otters, turtles.

The main alcoholic drink of Barbados, whose beach is visible in the online camera, is rum. There are a large number of colorful shops scattered throughout the state where you can buy this drink. To taste the rum is also possible in any of the numerous bars.


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