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Doboj , Bosnia and Herzegovina
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In the webcam, you can see the city of Doboj, located by the Bosna River, in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first mentions of Doboj, shown in a live broadcast, date back to 1415. But there is archaeological evidence of a Stone Age settlement on the site of a modern city.

During the First World War, the largest Austrian concentration camp for Serbs was located in Doboj, fwhere the online stream is conducte from.

In the time of World War II, the city in the webcam, part of the Usora-Soli, was an important center of the partisan movement. Released on April 17, 1945.

During the Bosnian War, Serb-controlled Doboj, where the online camera is located, came under fire from the armies of Croatia and Bosnia.

According to the Dayton Agreement, Doboj, which you see online, along with most of the community, became part of the Republika Srpska.

The most important attraction of Doboj, where the live broadcast takes place from, is the well-preserved Doboj Fortress – one of a number of fortifications that protected the northern borders of Bosnia: Dobor, Soko, Gradačac, Srebrenik, Teočak and other cities.

There is archaeological evidence about fortress existence at the 13th century. Doboj Castle was first mentioned in 1415.

In 1449, a historic document was signed in the Doboj citadel: an agreement between the King of Bosnia Stepan Tomas and Hungary on joint protection from the Ottoman army.

Further, Doboj is mentioned in 1503, when the garrison of the Turkish army was located in the fortress.

For the first time, Doboj Castle was depicted in an engraving created by the artist accompanying the army of the Austrian prince Eugene of Savoy.

At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, there were turbulent times in the vicinity of Doboj, where the online feed is being conducted from. The borders were moved to the south, and fortress of Doboj was on the border. At this time, the citadel was converted into an artillery fortification.

In 1718, Fort Doboj was sieged unsuccessfully by the Austrian general Petrash.

The Doboj fortress is located on the hill of the town of Doboj, which you see in the live webcam, towering over the valley of the Bosna River. The citadel has two levels of protection in the form of irregular triangles. The castle is surrounded by a powerful wall, built during the Ottoman Empire. The entrance to the lower part of Doboj is located in the northwest, and to the upper part in the northeast.

On the defense of the upper level there is a tower crowned with a wooden structure – “čardak “, which gives the fortress its characteristic appearance. Another tower with a čardak protects the southern corner of the Doboj citadel. In cross-section, this tower resembles an irregular hexagon. At the very top of the hill during the Middle Ages was the main tower of the fortress and outbuildings. Later, the Turks installed a bastion instead of the tower.

In the 18th century, another wall appeared in the Doboj fortification, which surrounded the upper fortress. A secret passage appeared on the eastern side of the castle, which was used by the defenders of the fort, leaving it in case of a desperate situation.

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