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Burgas , Bulgaria


Live broadcast to the beautiful busy street of the city of Burgas, one of the largest, industrial and tourist centers of Bulgaria. Burgas in our webcam is not a tourist and resort town, but its location near lakes and other historical places attracts travelers. A little proximity to the sea can remind Burgas center with hotels, apartments, Marine Park, railway station, sea port, many shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, also there is a long beach area stretches along the sea.

In Burgas there are many quarters: “Lazur”, “Brothers Miladinovs”, “Slaveykov Mahala”, “Zornitsa”, “Izgrev”, “Meden Rudnik”. Here are the most ordinary shops, affordable transport, beautiful parks and public gardens. The famous quarter is "Pobeda" is a private houses district.

It is also worth to mention the "Sarafovo" quarter, located far from Burgas between the airport and the Black Sea coast. Despite the proximity to the airport, this is a clean and peaceful place with low-rise apartment buildings and excellent infrastructure.

Since the city of Burgas, which is perfectly visible in our webcam online is located near the Black Sea, there are also free clean beach areas. For example, the Central beach at the Marine Park is well equipped.

Also popular the North Beach, recently used to be mostly visited by nudists. Nowadays, traditionally sunbathing local residents and guests are resting here. The beach in “Sarafovo’ quarter, mentioned above, are quiet and small, just perfect for a family holiday. On the other side of Burgas Bay, in the south, there is the South Beach "Kraimorie".

Fans of shopping should look into such as shopping centers like "Burgas Plaza" and "Burgas Gallery". Local fruits, delicacies, sweets better to buy in the "City Market" in the city center.

The city of Burgas with our live broadcast is perfect for those who prefer a budget option for recreation: everything is quite affordable here. It's nice to just walk in this city, especially in the Marine Park with beautiful alleys, benches, hammocks, small cafes and benches, selling sweets.

Good advice to take a walk along the popular pedestrian streets as: Alexandrovskaya and Bogoridi. On Bogoridi Street there is an unusual entertainment: twisting the handle of the huge "Gramophone", on Alexandrovskaya Street there is an important symbol of the city – “Compass", the zero point kilometer of Bulgaria. Nearby, there is the Arch of the holy patron of Burgas – St. Nicholas.

St. Cyril and Methodius Cathedral is another interesting symbol of Burgas. It is especially beautiful here in the evening, when the church of Burgas is magnificently illuminated. A little closer to the coast there is the ancient Armenian apostolic Surp Khach Monastery. In the city with our live broadcast there is another interesting place - it is the island of St. Anastasia with the “Assumption of Virgin Mary” church of the 14th century.

The large cultural center of Burgas - "Marine Casino" carries out various cultural events. There is also the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas. And in the History Museum with the ancient icons, old books, art European samples of the 18-19 centuries.

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The climate in Burgas is great for the beach holidays fans. It's not hot here, thanks to the sea breeze. Summer is the best time to travel to Burgas. At this time here is about 24-28 C. The “velvet” season falls on August-September. Winter is warm and mild with an average temperature just above 0 C.

Weather forecast in Burgas for 7 days is available on our website online.