Velingrad city center

Velingrad , Bulgaria


The modern interactive singing fountain "Chashata" (Чашата) or the Velingrad fountain, perfectly shown in a webcam, is the main attraction of the city center of Velingrad. A popular meeting place, the “Chashata” fountain, which you see in the online broadcast, is beautifully illuminated at night by colorful lights, synchronizing with the music.

The cozy town of Velingrad, where our webcam is located, is a balneological capital of Bulgaria. Located on the plain between the Rila and Rhodope mountain ranges, Velingrad, whose center is visible online, has 80 healing mineral springs.

The resort is rich in natural attractions. There is clean coniferous and deciduous forests air and a favorable climate.

In Velingrad, where the online stream is from, there are nitrogen, sodium, fluoride and variable anionic mineral springs. The coldest springs are in the north, the hottest with a high content of salts and sulfates in the south. There are also highly radioactive waters.

Besides potassium, sodium, silicon and other elements of mineral water, there are also such rare ones as tungsten, strontium, and galium.

The magic mineral waters of Velingrad, part of which is visible in a web camera, successfully treat heart and blood vessel diseases, musculoskeletal system, urological, gynecological, respiratory, gastrointestinal and other diseases.

Be sure to visit the old Velingrad bathhouse of 1640.

Velingrad, which fountain shows an online camera, is not rich in cultural and historical sights. Despite this, there are many tourists in the city. It is interesting to see the medieval Tsepina fortress, located 6 km from the resort in our live camera.

The historical museum tells the long history of the city.

Make a trip to the small town of Plovdiv region – Hisarya and visit the ancient fortified walls ruins.

Fans of natural beauty will enjoy walking along the banks of two beautiful lakes formed by the waters of the largest karst spring of Kleptuza Lake.

In winter season, Velingrad with our online camera turns into a popular ski resort. There is Yundola ski resort.

At a distance of 30 km from the city in our live broadcast, there is an interesting Belmeken Dam, where you can go fishing or just relax on the beautiful beach.

The surroundings of Velingrad is a paradise for fishermen. Near the village of Tsepina, there is a trout fish farm. All natural reservoirs of the cities of Batak and Dospat are populated by fish, so fishing is excellent here.


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The climate in Velingrad, the main attraction of which is clearly visible online, is moderately continental with mild winter and warm summer. The average temperature of the coldest month of January is about -1.8 C. In July, the warmest summer month, the air temperature is on average +18.8 C. Since the city is surrounded by mountains, winds do not enter here. According to microclimatic indicators, Velingrad is one of the best resorts in Bulgaria.

Weather forecast in Velingrad for 7 days is available on our website online.


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