El Zonte beach

El Zonte , El Salvador

El Zonte

A beautiful live broadcast on a real surfers paradise - La Costa del Balsamo beach in he region of the small village of El Zonte. There are many  hostels, camping for surfers, hotels here. That is the best place for experienced surfer and for beginner also. All the necessary equipment and excellent teachers are all at the tourists disposal dreaming of surfing. There are good waves, favorable wind and best weather conditions for water sports here.  Watch our web camera and you'll see it.

El Salvador

El Salvador is the most populated country in all Central America. El Salvador culture and history are associated with the Maya ancient and mysterious civilization, which traces are carefully preserved on these lands. There are beautiful nature and large beaches along the Pacific Ocean in El Saldador.

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Most part of the state is located on volcanoes. There are two chains of the Cordillera mountains passing over it. There are still active volcanoes here and the largest is Cerro El Pital volcano. The giant volcano Isalco constantly wakes up. Many volcanoes craters have formed lakes: Lago de Ilopango, Coatepeque, Güija etc.

The world of fauna in El Salvador is quite diverse. There are battleships, tapirs, jaguars, ocelots, sloths, boas, coyotes live here

The city of San Salvador  is the capital of El Salvador with our web camera live broadcast. It is located near the volcano. The most important symbols are the Cathedral of the Catedral Metropolitana El Rosario church and the Tazumal Archaeological Museum. Near San Salvador there are Joya de Cerén - traces of the ancient Mayan settlement. Nearby there is the San Andrés archaeological complex. 

To the east there is the city of San Vicente - a beautiful witnesses of the colonial past. Near the city there are the remains of the Mayan Tehuacán.

Cihuatán is the most important historical object in El Salvador with a large number of structures, funerary places, amazing and rare artifacts. Large archaeological work is carried out in a Tasumal place. 

The rocks drawings in la Gruta del Espíritu Santo grottoes are very interesting as also the Salvadoran Revolution Museum (in the city of Perkin), the partially preserved areas of the city of San Salvador Ciudad ViejaSuchitoto, the Templo del Senor de Jesus church in Juayua.

It is worth visiting the Bosque El Imposible National Park and the city of Santa Ana with the beautiful Coatepeque lake, as well as the  Santa Ana Cathedral.

Fans of outdoor activities like to try themselves with kayaks or do raftinog on the Lempa river.

Those who seek to relax on the beach there are many places in El Salvador.  The most popular  is La Libertad beach, located near the capital. The beach of La Costa del Balsamo in the city of El Zonte with our webcam also is one of the favorite places for tourists. In general, the entire coast of the country is cut by rocks and mangrove forests.

There are beautiful islands of the Golfo de Fonseca Bay too in El Salvador.

The country of El Salvador is known for its cheerful and colorful festivals. The most famous are: Christmas, Semana Santa (holy week before Easter), El Salvador del Mundo.

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In the city of El Zonte with our webcam there is the tropical climate. The average daily temperature is +22 ... +25 C. Sometimes it gets hotter , sometimes +30 C. Usually this happens in September, March and April. There are two seasons here: wet (from May to October) and dry (from November to April). The best time to travel is from November to April.

 Weather forecast in El Zonte for 7 days is available on our website online.