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Belle Île , France

Le Paleis

The town of Le Palais, located on the picturesque island of Belle-Ile, which you can see on our online camera, is very rare you can meet that town in cruise itineraries. It is visited only by ships of luxury companies. The main sight of the city is the Citadel Belle-Ile, that you see on our online stream, built in the 16th century by the order of Henry II. The citadel was called "The Shell of the Atlantic", protected the island from pirates attacks, English and Spanish ships. Till the 1960s, there was a prison here, and now a museum and a hotel are open here. Guests may to know more about the history of the area, as also spend the night under the vaults of a real medieval fort.


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Belle-Île-en-Mer ("A beautiful island in the sea") lies in the Atlantic Ocean in the southwestern part of Brittany. Protected from bad weather, the eastern coast of the island is cut by deep bays, and small fishing villages are surrounded by fertile fields. Belle Ile-en-Mer is a great place to relax. There are 90 beaches here! On the west coast, the most popular beach is Donnan, in the southeast there are white beaches of the Grand Sable, the longest on the island. In the northern part of the island there are several interesting rock formations, one of them was depicted by the great painter Monet. The natural beauty of the local landscape captivated the great Matisse also. Belle-Ile for a long time inspired the beauty of sailors and writers (Flaubert and Dumas). On the island there are constantly more than five thousand people, but in summer numerous tourists and summer residents are added to the local population.

Belle-Île-en-Mer attracts travelers with its beautiful nature, which you can see on this online webcam, wonderful views of the coast and several historical sights. It is interesting that in the time of Napoleon I this island had a Josephine's name, and today is the most beautiful and popular island of Brittany has a name Belle-Ile. The main attraction of the island is its natural beauty. There are many cozy places, where you can taste delicious food from fresh seafood, pancakes, cider and other local delicacies.

Besides Le Palais, it is interesting to visit Sauzon, located on the northern coast of Belle Ile. The city is famous for its colorful houses and a large port. Here are picturesque cliffs and the famous "Apothecary Cave" with the waves break from two sides.

On the island there is an interesting cape - Cape Poulains. He is known for one fact: not far from the cape there is an estate, which owner was the famous and beloved actress Sarah Bernhardt. Other representatives of the French bohemia of that time also visited the island. Today the estate is partly open for admirers of her talent, as well as for ordinary curious tourists.

For a quiet holiday, a leisurely walk through the town of Locmaria is perfect. This is a very small sea village, with the church of Notre-Dame du Bois-Tors. It is a great time just walking along the outskirts of the island, next to its steep cliffs, wild beaches and incredible nature. For home comfort lovers and those who wish to enjoy a classic French breakfast, it is easy to find here a house that offers comfortable home comfort with the affordable prices. Notably, the island does not have its own airport. The closest are located in Vannes, Lorient and La Baule. To the island guests are delivered by a ferry from Cape Quiberon.


The neighborhood with the Atlantic Ocean creates a mild, stable climate all over the year. The average temperature in summer does not rise above +25 C, in winter it does not fall below +5 C. However, due to the proximity of the ocean, rains and strong winds in summer are possible. The tides and currents make yacht management a difficult task here, creating an excellent opportunity to practice navigation.

The weather forecast in Belle Ile for 7 days is available on our website online.

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