Biscarrosse beach

Biscarrosse , France

Biscarrosse beach


The resort town of Biscarrosse, which you see on this camera online, is located on the Atlantic coast of France. This is one of the most beautiful resorts of Aquitaine in the heart of the largest forest in Europe - the forests of Landes and Gascony. The length of the ocean beaches in Biscarrosse is 20 kilometers. The city is also known as a lake resort – there are two lakes, surrounded by pine forests. The water warms up to 24-28 ° C. The Silver Coast begins In Biscarrosse. It is stretches to the border with Spain. The city is just an hour's drive from Biarritz and 2 hours from Spain. Tourists like to come here throughout the year thanks to a convenient transportation system.

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Water sports are very popular here, look at the online webcam!  People can make sport not only in ocean waves, but also on lakes. There are many opportunities for surfing and scuba diving. You can sail or try your luck in fishing. On land there is something to do too: horseback riding or playing golf, shoot from the bow, ride a bike or walk in the pine forest. The French like to come here to relax in nature from day by day routine. The resort "Landscapes of Lake Cazaux and Sanguinet” in Biscarrosse are similar to lagoons of paradise corners of the Pacific Ocean: transparent turquoise water, white clean sand, tall slender pines. Particularly interesting is the Ancient Elm, which is about 600 years old. According to legend, in May in its crown a crown of white petals dissolves.


With the history of the city you can get acquainted by visiting the museum of the traditions and history of Biscarrosse. A cultural rest offers a tour of the St. Martin Church of the XIV-XV centuries, built of ferruginous sandstone - the traditional building material Landes, and the Montbrun castle, created in the XVI century, which defended the French troops during the occupation of Aquitaine by the British. In the Biscarrosse-beach, which you see on the the live stream camera, is the church of St. Bernadette.

Fans of hiking will be pleased to simply walk along the pedestrian streets of the city, go to the square, look into the shops and boutiques. From the first spring days to the middle of autumn the terraces of bars, cafes and restaurants are open. In summer, even at night, the streets are noisy - music sounds, events are held, bars and discos are happy to see guests till the morning. Look at the online camera at night and you will see that the holiday is enough for everyone!




The Silver Coast (Côte d'Argent) is the general name of the Atlantic coast between the mouth of the Gironde and Biarritz. This coast is considered to be the longest (200 km) and the straightest coast of Europe, with the largest share of sandy beaches on the whole continent. The territory is conditionally divided into four zones. Each of them has its own unique charm with the widest possibilities for an exciting active and diverse pastime, and this online camera is the confirmation!


Aquitaine embodies all the numerous delights of the legendary French South. Here are concentrated luxury golden sandy beaches of the Atlantic, and the peaks of the mountain tops - the Pyrenees touching the clouds hanging over them. Famous delicious wines from Bordeaux cellars, endless Gascony forests and truffle fields. To the west and north of Bordeaux is a cape in the form of a triangle, which is called Medoc. Look at the online camera, this piece of Eden is perfect for a serene relaxation in the bosom of an unusual, slightly wild nature.


History lovers should visit the Weser Valley in Perigord with stunning "Paleolithic" caves, and descent to the legendary Lasko, also called "the Sistine Chapel of the Ancient World". All of that will not leave anyone indifferent. Throughout the territory of the fairy-tale land are still preserved medieval castles, ruins of large forts, bastions and other defensive structures. Some of them are functioning wineries. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate equestrian and bike rides, trekking, canoeing, and surfing. All this can be combined with a pleasant rest on the golden sands of the Aquitaine beaches.




The extremely favorable location on the Atlantic coast and immediate proximity to the Gulf Stream has determined the soft and gentle Mediterranean climate. Even in winter, the thermometer's column seldom falls below 13 C, and in the summer months the average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. Rainfall and a significant number of warm, bright and sunny days contribute to a good wine harvest in this region. Even in winter is very good time n Aquitaine. Here is one of the most popular, prestigious and colorful winter resorts in France - the Gulf of Arcachon. Together washed by Atlantic waters, numerous underground springs and sediments, it has the name “internal sea”.

The weather forecast n Biscarrosse for 7 days, as well as other cities in France, can be accessed on our website online.