Nancy city view

Nancy , France


 Nancy is the capital of the north-eastern French department and province of Lorraine. It is known for its 18th century architecture in places like ‘Place de la Carriere’,  ‘Place d’Alliance’, ‘Place Stanislas’, which you can see on our web camera online. All of them were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1983. The city has a great number of listed historic monuments. Nancy is divided into several parts and each of it has its own history and belong to a different historical period.

Nancy Old Town

The Old Town in Nancy is known for its medieval and Renaissance architecture. On our web cam you can see that Nancy consisting out of beautifully narrow roads lined with tall houses decorated with carved attics and monial windows.

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The Old Town is popular not only among tourists, it attracts businessman, students and is a popular area to live and socialize. Nancy comprise cozy cafes, restaurants, shops and local businesses. Have a look at our online camera and see how pretty this city is.

Top-rated tourist attractions in Nancy

Place Stanislas is one of the most recognizable and magnificent squares in Europe. Stanislas place was built by Emmanuel Héré in 1752. Square is rich with five palaces with the largest one named Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall).

Eglise Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours – is a real treasure for the tourists and not only. Interior of the church is in Baroque style and contains tombs of Stanislas Leszczynàski (former King of Poland) and his wife.

Pépinière Park is a 21 hectares park, which can be reached through the golden arches of the fountain of Amphritite. It is located in the heart of the center of Nancy. Park is very popular among citizens of this cozy city and is shortly named “la Pep”.

Fine Arts Museum is mostly visited museum in Nancy. It collects more than 100.000 visitors per year. Pavilion of the 18th century is located in the heart of the Stanislas square.

Important events in Nancy

The place Stanislas “Rendez-vous”. Every evening during the summer the UNESCO listed heritage has a poetic display of sounds and sights.

There are several festivals held in Nancy. For example, “Nancy Jazz Pulsations” - is a festival which takes place in October and put Eastern France on the music map. Another International Choral Music Festival takes place every two years and has become a major popular event in Lorraine’s cultural year.

Also, Nancy citizens are celebrating the Saint-Nicolas Day, which is held in the beginning of December. Since the Middle Ages, Saint-Nicolas has been celebrated on 6th of December with music, lights and parades. At our live cam you can see

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