Val Andre beach

Pléneuf-Val-André , France
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Val André Beach

The webcam is directed at the sandy Beach of Val André, 2.5 km long, located in the town of Pleneuf-Val André. As can be clearly seen in the live broadcast, there is a beautiful promenade along the coast.

Pleneuf-Val André

The city of Pléneuf-Val-André with the beach in this online camera, is located in France, the Brittany region, at a distance of 360 km from Paris.

The resort of Le Val-André, whose coast is shown by a webcam, is adjacent to the city of Saint-Brieuc, a picturesque bay and the port of Dahouët. In past centuries, this port was the exact departure of sailors to distant countries.

It was from here in the 16th century that the first expeditions to the island of Newfoundland in Canada were held. To create a safe harbor, artificial rocks were added to the natural protective rocks.

The Pointe de la Guette separates the port of Dahouët from Le Val-André, where the live stream is coming from.

Val André was chosen for the fashionable resort in the 19th century. Interestingly, there are well-preserved old seaside villas, restaurants and hotels in their former form, albeit with the necessary modern solutions. All of them are still standing along the coast in the online live camera.

The ancient and traditional town of Pléneuf is located on a hill.

Traveling around Pléneuf-Val-André in this webcam, you can get acquainted with a beautiful triangular island facing the sea from the Pointe de Pléneuf on the eastern end of Le Val-André. Here lies the magical Île du Verdelet – a wonderful little bay of Saint-Brieuc, reflecting the Mont-Saint-Michel Mountains.

The charming port of Le Val-André is hidden in the cliffs nearby. On the other side of the promontory, there are long wild beaches stretching towards Erquy, where sandy yachting is a popular activity.

Attractions in Pleneuf-Val André

  • Villa les Pommiers, (1927).
  • Bienassis Castle from the 15th century.
  • Three dolmens of the Neolithic era.
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul (1889-1897).
  • Le Verdelet Island
  • Port Dahouët at the mouth of the Flora River.

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