Cologne panorama

Cologne , Germany


The picturesque German city of Cologne, which panorama is clearly visible in our online webcam, located on the banks of the River Rhine.

Cologne is a city of contrasts. Here you will find the Medieval Cologne with its Gothic structures; Museum Cologne with a rich collection from the time of the Romans to the Impressionists (the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum ); Exhibition Cologne with its active trading activities; Media Cologne with a large number of television channels; University Cologne with a huge educational center, and at the end: Simple Cologne is a cozy city with a pleasant atmosphere where you can just take a walk, sit in the restaurant or just have a beer in a pub.

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The most important city attraction of Cologne is the famous Cologne Cathedral, which is demonstrated by our live webcam. The cathedral is a Middle Ages monumental Gothic monument. Its height is 150 m. The construction of the temple lasted for 600 years (from 1248 to 1880). Near the Cologne Cathedral there is the tower of the Great St. Martin - one of the most beautiful churches of the Romanesque period in the city.

In Cologne with our web camera online there are a lot of museums with the most interesting expositions from the archaeological finds to modern painting. For example, the "Art-Cologne" fair is held every year in the city, this is the largest art fair in Germany.

The narrow streets of old Cologne lead to other interesting sights of the city: Rheingarten, Rathaus, the Palace of the Roman governor, the Philharmonic.

Cologne is a carnival city! The most beautiful and large-scale event is the Cologne Carnival. There is a enormous festive procession in elegant suits walks at the streets. The city turns into one big holiday during this time: people drink beer, flirt, joke. In the evenings musical events with ancient and modern music and special pies baked for carnival are arranged.


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The climate in Cologne has a significant seasonality. The temperature changes very quickly. Winter is not very cold, snow is a rare phenomenon, and summer is not hot. July and August are considered the most favorable months for visiting Cologne.

Weather forecast in Cologne for 7 days is available on our website online.