Grömitz beach

Grömitz , Germany

Grömitz Beach

In our online broadcast, there is the real Cote d'Azur of Germany - the beach of the small community of Grömitz, located in the East Holstein district in the lands of Schleswig-Holstein.
Besides a well-equipped beach in our webcam, you can see the embankment filled with people, cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as a long walking pier tending to the sea.

Eastern Holstein

Eastern Holstein (Ostholstein), whose beach is well shown by an online camera, is a district of Germany with its center in the city of Eutin. The district is located in Schleswig-Holstein land.


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Schleswig-Holstein, where the community of Grömitz with the coast in our live broadcast is located, is the northernmost federal land of Germany. Mostly located on the Jutland peninsula, it has a border with Denmark. It is one of the less populated areas of the country. The picturesque and quiet landscapes of Schleswig-Holstein are compared to Switzerland.

The excellent location between the North and Baltic seas provided Schleswig-Holstein with a beautiful coast, one of which, located in Grömitz, is shown by our live camera.

Schleswig-Holstein is fabulously beautiful. Here, almost in every town there is a palace or villa, currently used as a museum or an excellent gallery. The board of these lands is actively involved in the preservation of the historical monuments of Schleswig-Holstein. For example, there is a regatta held in the town of Flensburg with the ships designed according to old drawings.

The largest cities of Schleswig-Holstein are: Kiel, Lübeck, Flensburg, Neumünster, Norderstedt and Elmshorn.

Schleswig-Holstein is not only a great beach holiday, which you can meet in our online stream it is also a beautiful nature reserving place. For example, between the cities of Kiel and Lübeck there are about 15,000 square kilometers of forest with many beautiful lakes: the real “Holstein Switzerland”. The largest and deepest lake of this territory is the Großer Plöner See (in the city of Eutin), on the eastern side of which there are the lakes of ViererSee, Behler See and Großer Eutiner See.

Near the before mentioned Großer Plöner See lake there is the Eutin Castle, surrounded by a moat with its park area and Pheasant Island (Fasaneninsel), the place where the Slavs settled 1000 years ago. Every year, in summer, the park hosts Carl Maria von Weber Opera Music Festival. Interestingly, the Oscar-winning film "Cabaret" (1972) starred Liza Minelli and Michael York was filmed in this castle.

This palace houses a large collection of exhibits donated by the Russian imperial house to representatives of a related German dynasty.

In the city of Eutin there is an ancient St Michael's Church of the 8th century, as well as a Water tower more modern construction – the real cultural monuments under state protection.



The climate in the town of Grömitz and in the territory of Schleswig-Holstein is humid and marine. The average annual air temperature is close to 8 C.
Weather forecast in Grömitz for 7 days is available on our website online.

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