Lake Müritz

Waren , Germany

Lake Müritz

Our interesting live streaming camera demonstrates the famous Lake Müritz, located in the Mecklenburg region. The pond in our web camera is surrounded by such as German cities as: Waren, where our live camera is, Ankershagen and Rechlin. This is a huge lake of 117 km2 with crystal clear water and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

The Müritz coast in our online webcam is inhabited by rare species of birds and animals. For example: black storks, bittern, osprey, reed warblers, white-tailed eagles. From the plant world there are: heather, juniper, sword grass. In the pond lives a large variety of fish, including pikeperch and burbot.

The eastern shore of Lake Müritz, which you see in the online camera, is occupied by the famous Müritz National Park. Interestingly, Lake Müritz in online live camera is not only the largest in National Park, but also the largest in Germany.

Scientists think that, Lake Müritz, which is well demonstrated in our live webcam, appeared because of the glacier melting.


The German city of Waren that you see in an online camera with a population of over 21.300 people, located in the region of Mecklenburg Lake District (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). On its territory there is also the famous Lake Müritz, which can be seen in the live stream camera.

Waren, well shown online, has been known since the 13th century. For many centuries, the city suffered from fires, epidemics and the effects of the Thirty Years War. The city was recovering during long time very slowly.

Currently, the city of Waren, whose panorama can be seen perfectly in the online webcam, is the main city of Lake Müritz in our online live cam and the center of the Mecklenburg Lake District resort area.
In the city of Waren you can see a lot of historic buildings. Besides, there is a city harbor, which can also be viewed online.

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The main treasure of Waren in our live cam is its unique nature with the Müritz National Park and Lake Müritz, which you see in the online camera. So, the tourism industry is the most important and developed industry in Waren. In addition to the tourism, the most important sectors of the economy are food industry and mechanical engineering, as also Waren is the world market leader in large propellers industry. Waren is also an important transportation hub.


The city of Waren is located in the zone of the climate transition between the oceanic sea climate and the continental climate. Lake Müritz, which can be seen in the live webcam, has a significant impact on the microclimate. The reserve proximity favorably affects to the air temperature both during the spring warming and autumn cooling. The average temperature in February is -4 ° C. In July, approximately 20-24 ° C.
Weather forecast in Waren for 7 days is available on our website online.


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