University of Debrecen

Debrecen , Hungary
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University of Debrecen

In the webcam you see the University of Debrecen (Debreceni Egyetem), the Hungarian state university founded in 1538 in the city of Debrecen and reorganized in 1912.

Currently, the University of Debrecen in the online camera is included in the top 5 educational institutions in the country, which have been awarded the title of “research university”.

In 2014/2015, the university in the live broadcast was included in the ranking of the best universities in the specialty “medicine” around the world. The University of Debrecen shown online is a member of the International Association of European Universities.

The Debrecen higher education institution in this web camera has become widely known not only in Europe, but also far beyond its borders, thanks to active research activities and strong specializations. The university in live camera has won a leading position in such fields as medicine (molecular biology and pharmaceuticals) and information technology (computer disciplines and programming). Very often, applicants strive to study at the University of Debrecen, which you see in the online stream, at the Faculty of Tourism, which is at a fairly high level in the rankings.

University employees conduct fundamental research in the fields of computational sciences and materials science, molecular medicine, and computer engineering. Derceben University, shown live, has 12 research groups, 21 doctoral schools and several research laboratories on the territory of the campus in the online camera.

The university, which is perfectly broadcasting in a webcam, is located in the north of the small city of Debrecen, not far from the border of Hungary with Romania and Ukraine. Two educational campuses of a higher education institution in the online camera are located almost in the very center of the city, opposite a large green park, which you can also see in a live broadcast. The old building, shown online, houses the faculties of engineering, medicine and the humanities, as well as a rich botanical garden. In the new building of Debrecen University in the webcam houses the Faculty of Economics and Law and a giant university library.

In addition to quality education, the live broadcasting university provides students with the opportunity to live in well-equipped dormitories in a park area, near the city center, where this online stream comes from. There is also a cinema, a concert hall, a sports center and a cafe.

Notable teachers and students of the University of Debrecen

  • Ady Endre – a well-known Hungarian public figure, poet and publicist.
  • Móricz Zsigmond is a Hungarian writer and playwright whose plays were performed at the Hungarian National Theatre.
  • Hatvani Istvan – Enlightenment mathematician, scientist and encyclopedist, one of the first researchers in the theory of probability.

Curious facts about Debrecen University

  • Library of the University of Debrecen, where the webcam is aimed on – the second largest repository of scientific books and works in Hungary (more than 600,000 volumes).
  • Over the entire existence of the University in the online camera, financial assistance from the state and commercial organizations amounted to approximately 17 million euros, which is evidence of the excellent technical equipment of the laboratories and classrooms of Debrecen University in live broadcast.

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