Keel beach

Achill Island , Ireland

Keel beach

There is a beautiful live stream on the coast of the Irish village of Keel, located in the county of Mayo, on the island of Achill.

One of the most popular and magnificent sandy beaches on the island of Achill - the Keel Beach, which you see online, located at the Achill Head rocks.

Keel seaside, well viewable in a webcam, is an excellent place to practice various water sports: diving, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, sea kayaking, boogie boarding, windsurfing, sailing or just walking along the long golden sandy beach.

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Achill Island

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The 3-km long Keel coast has the Blue Flag. In the middle of the beach, with the live stream camera, there is a shallow freshwater lake that you can see in the webcam. Windsurfers, canoeists, and canoeists like to spend time here. Also, this lake is a popular place for fishing.

Not far from Keel, which beautiful landscape you can perfectly watch online, there are other villages of the island of Achill: Dooagh and Dugort.

Famous artist Paul Henry lived and worked in Keel from 1910 to 1919.


Achill Island

Achill, where the village of Keel with our livecam is located, is the largest island of Ireland (length 22 km and width - 19 km). The island of high cliffs, Achill, is connected by a drawbridge to the coast of County Mayo.
Achill is a paradise for motorists: there is a ring road along the Atlantic coast from the Keem bay. The highway goes around the south of the island till the north.

Not far from the landscape that you see online, there is the beautiful Minaun Mountains and the Cathedral Rocks. In addition, there are two giant cliffs on Achill: Slievemore and Krugen, over 650 m high. At the base of Slivemore Mountain there is the picturesque Deserted Village, abandoned during the Great Famine. After this event, about 100 empty houses without roofs remained here.

Most of the Achill territory are covered with moss. There are rare plants grow here.

According history of Achill Island, part of which is shown by our webcam, it was inhabited in about 3000 BC. The most famous landmark of Achill with our online camera is Kildavnet castle, built in the 15th century.

The island of Achill, where the live stream is from, have several interesting villages. The southern part of Achill is surrounding by 40-km long Atlantic Drive road. It is especially interesting to ride here by bike and observe the ruins of an 18th century church, holy spring and the beautiful coast.

The most spectacular beache of Achill Island with our webcam is the beach at Keem Bay.


Achill Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, therefore the climate here is temperate maritime. From April to September, the average daytime temperature does not exceed +19 ° C, and in winter it never drops below 0 ° C. The largest amount of precipitation falls in October-December. The driest period is from April to June. The best time to travel to the island of Achill is summer.

Weather forecast for the Achill Island for 7 days is available on our website online.


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