Nirvana beach

Haifa , Israel
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Nirvana beach

Webcam on Nirvana Beach in Haifa city shows one of the popular places for surfers. Especially many who want to do this active sport can be seen in the online camera in winter.

The beaches of Haifa, which occupy 5 km, and the warm Mediterranean Sea, shown online, are the main “magnets” that attract both tourists and local residents. So, in the city with this web camera, there are two main beaches: Bat Galim, popular with water sports enthusiasts, surfers and kiters, and Hof HaCarmel, more suitable for inert relaxation in the sun and swimming. Both beaches have a well-developed infrastructure.

Bat Galim, which is also streamed online in the live cam on the Baltic Live Cam website, is oldest and most famous beach in Haifa. There are many cafes and restaurants along its promenade, and children can have fun on the playground in the form of a wooden pirate ship. The south side of the beach is great for surfing.

The high towers of Hof HaCarmel mark the beach of the same name, located south of the Neve David area. On weekends it is difficult to find a place here: the beach is crowded with vacationers. There are sports equipment on site, as well as lifeguards.

Another beach in Haifa, shown in the online cameraDado Beach, is a long, clean and comfortable coastline, considered one of the best in Israel. On the coast there is an area for folk dances, an amphitheater for summer events and a small pool for small children. On the south side of the beach, where the wooden flooring ends, there is an opportunity to fry shish kebabs.

The small HaHof HaShaket Beach (“quiet beach”) is located just behind the port. It justifies its name: two breakwaters always contribute to calm water, there are no waves here, and besides, there are usually few vacationers on its territory. The coast is mostly visited by townspeople. Interestingly, on HaHof HaShaket, women and men bathe on different days. So Monday, Wednesday and Friday are men’s days, and Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are women’s days. Only Saturday is the day when both sexes are allowed to swim.

Kiryat Haim Beach is located at the western end of the Kiryat Haim area. It is a flat straight coastal strip. But since there are no breakwaters here, swimming may not be very convenient. In the north of the beach, there is a separate area for Orthodox Israelis. In addition, the same “men” and “women” days are also valid on the territory of Kiryat Haim as on the HaHof HaShaket beach.

Neve Yam Beach lies southwest of the coastal town of Atlit. It is located in a miniature rounded bay, where it is pleasant to walk along the coast. You can even walk to HaBonim Beach. In the north of the bay rises a rocky promontory with terraces and small stone pools.

An interesting fact: Haifa, where the online broadcast comes from, is the only city in the country where buses deliver people to the beach on Saturdays during the summer season.

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