Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem , Israel

Dome of the Rock

There is the most important symbols of Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock in our web camera online, built in 687-691. This sacred building has the most important religious significance and considered as one of the oldest and most beautiful Islamic historical monuments. Dome of the Rock in our live stream is located on the top of the Temple Mount (Mount Moriah) next to the Al -Aqsa Mosque. A dazzlingly beautiful building is crowned with a golden dome Qubbat al-Sakhrah - the symbol of Jerusalem.

Qubbat al-Sakhrah (Dome of the Rock) and Al-Aqsa Mosque are different Islamic temples composing one complex - Haram esh-Sharif, clearly visible in our webcam.
For all its ancient history, the building of the mosque was rebuilt many times, destroyed by earthquakes and suffered from wars. At different times, the Dome of the Rock belonged to both Muslims and Christians. Since 1250 the mosque belongs to the Muslims.

The name of the Dome of the Rock that place got because of the one ancient legend. There is the part of the rock inside the dome where the prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven. The mosque also keeps the imprint of the Prophet's foot and his three hairs. The rock is considered to be the center of the universe.

The interior of the Dome of the Rock in our online broadcast is strikingly beautiful: marble patterns cover the walls, the crowning parts of the columns are covered with gold, the beams and the upper horizontal bridges in the doorways are decorated with bronze plates with chasing and gilding. Clearly observed Islamic colors: white-blue-green-gold.

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Jerusalem has a mountainous subtropical climate. Summer is dry and hot with an average temperature of +24 C, and the winter is quite cool with a lot of precipitation. The period from December to February has a temperature of about +9 ° C.

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