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Tel Aviv , Israel
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Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv beach

The live broadcast shows the beautiful Tel Aviv beach, which is located near the Hilton hotel. In this webcam, you can watch vacationers, as well as look at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea washing the beach in an online camera. The coastline online is covered with sand, there are sun loungers and parasols to shelter from the sun. In the sea, you can see surfers and windsurfers online enjoying the waves. Tel Aviv beach in the web camera is a great place to relax in the city.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, where the live stream takes place from, is the second largest city in Israel and one of the most attractive cities for tourists. It is located near the international airport and just 60 km from Jerusalem.

Along the sea coast of Tel Aviv, there is an embankment with numerous and varied beaches, one of which shows a live cam.

The city where the online camera is located is divided into 9 administrative districts, there is no clear division among them. In the south of Tel Aviv located Old Jaffa – one of the oldest settlements in the world and a popular tourist area.

The Neve Tzedek quarter is the progenitor of modern Tel Aviv, the coast of which you can see online.

The unique area of “White City“, included in the UNESCO list, consists of 2-3-storey houses with columns and gardens on the roofs. There are similar buildings in the Florentin area.

The central and northern parts of Tel Aviv, where the live broadcast is coming from, make up the North Port area, Ramat Aviv, atmospheric Kerm Hatemanim with markets and graffiti.

Tel Aviv beaches

Tel Aviv is a great place for beach lovers. Beach areas stretching along the Mediterranean Sea occupy 14 km of coastline. There are 12 sandy beaches here, one of which is visible in the online camera. In winter, only 7 are open, on 4 you can walk with dogs without a leash, on 4 more there are free libraries.

All the beaches in Tel Aviv, including the Hilton beach in the web camera, are completely free. You will have to pay only for the entrance to the Ha Tsuk beach, where mostly locals like to relax. Lifeguards work on almost every beach, there are children’s areas, sun loungers, umbrellas, cafes, bars. On the territory of most of the beaches there are sports simulators and grounds for beach sports.

Tel Baruch” is a beach with lawns, is also in demand among the townspeople. Another favorite beach of Israelis is “Matsizim”, awarded with the Blue Flag.

The orthodox “Nordau” is famous for the fact that all days, except Saturday, separate entrance for men or women is provided on its territory.

Atzmouth” is a popular gay beach.

The “Hilton”, streamed online on this webcam, is renowned for its calmest waters. There is free parking and a surf center.

“Gordon” is a tourist beach. It attracts with a seawater pool and slides for children.

The beach areas of “Frishman” and “Bograshov” are almost identical. On their territory, you will find a relaxing holiday almost in the center of the city.

The largest and most populous beach, the owner of the Blue Flag – “Jerusalem“, is preferred by families with children and tourists. It is followed by the updated “Aviv”, where swimming is prohibited.

Uncrowded beaches are located in the southern part of Tel Aviv – “Charles Clore”, “Barabashchikov” and “Givat Aliya“.

Tel Aviv with the beach in the live footage is an excellent surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing place. So, the most successful beaches for these active sports are: “Tel Baruch“, “Drummers” and “Hilton” in a webcam.

Tel Aviv, where the online camera is located, is a fairly young city, it was founded in 1909, so there are few historical attractions here. But there are a large number of interesting museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, Eretz Israel Museum, Museum of the Jewish People. The Palace of Independence, where the State of Israel was proclaimed in 1948, is of great interest.


Tel Aviv you see in live camera, has a Mediterranean climate and is warm throughout the year. Warmest months are July and August, but sometimes very hot in April and May. The temperature of the summer months is in September and October. Winter is warm and rainy, with an average temperature of +13.3 C. Summer is long and hot. The warmest month is August, with an average temperature of +27.0. Weather forecast in Tel Aviv for 7 days is available on our website online.

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