Bolzano , Italy
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Bolzano, Italy

This webcam in Bolzano, Italy shows a rooftop view over Bolzano’s Walther Square. Bolzano represents the best of refined Northern European culture in combination with the boisterous Mediterranean attitude. For centuries, Bolzano has served as the trading hub between Italy and Germany. Over time it has become cosmopolitan and a city of cultural and economic importance. 

The main square of the old town, which can be seen on this online camera is the Walther’s Square. The cam online focusses on the two main monuments on Walther’s Square, namely the statue and fountain of Walther von der Vogelweide and the Cathedral. The square is named after the great poet and bard, Walther von der Vogelweide, who lived circa 1168-1228. The statue that can be seen in the middle of the square on cam online has been removed during the Fascist era and was again returned after WWII. The square has had several names including Maximillian Platz in honor of the King of Bavaria.

Walther Square captured here on live camera is where many an army has paraded over the centuries. It started with the Bavarians during the Napoleonic Wars to the present-day Italian Republic Army. Walther Square is also the place where notable historical figures such as Emperor Franz Joseph and Mussolini, have made their public appearances.

Captured on camera online, the Walther Square is home to Christmas markets, flower markets and many al fresco restaurants where diners can enjoy the scenic square in season. Against the beautiful mountainous backdrop, the Walther Square is truly stunning to behold on web camera or on location.

Perhaps the most iconic feature shown here online is the Assumption of Our Lady Cathedral. It is a gem of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The Schich brothers from Ausburg was the main architects working on the cathedral and gave it its magnificent Gothic appearance. Its gargoyles are striking pieces of art. The Steeple, finished in 1571 is a fantastic example of Gothic stonemasonry. The square Romanesque base structure with ornamental tracery stabilizes the six-cornered ascent to the belfry. Rumour has it that the people of Bolzano were afraid to sound the bells for decades in case the steeple might collapse. The entrance, shown on web camera is one of the finest examples of High Gothic portals. Directly beneath the tower and to the side of the entrance one can see a fresco dating back to 1400. It was purportedly painted by a student of Giotto.

Bolzano’s German and Italian origins shows in its cuisine which includes both Italian and German dishes. Bolzano is a gourmet delight with delicious foods in combination with great wines. Bolzano has a very old tradition of winemaking. There are over 30 private wineries in the Bolzano region. Bolzano is famous for its Lagrein and Santa Maddalena red wines.

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