Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Camogli , Italy

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Our webcam online demonstrates one of the main shrines of the city of Camogli - the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The best view of the bay opens here. The church, built in the 12th century, is loved by tourists and local residents. The main relic of the cathedral in our live broadcast are the relics of St. Fortunato – fishermen patron. Every year in Camogli in honor of this saint on the second Sunday of May, there is the Fish Festival or the festival "Blessing of the Fish"( Sagra del pesce). During the celebration, fish is preparing in a large frying pan, inviting to taste all the guests.



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The Italian town of Camogli, where our webcam is located, is not rich in beaches at all. But their small quantity is more than offset by their quality: a fabulously beautiful places. The town is very bright: multicolored houses with the bright blue sea, an amazingly spectacular sight.

The city of Camogli is quite small and easy to get around in a couple of hours. This is one continuous labyrinth: narrow winding streets, half destroyed stone stairs and arches. Getting into the center of the city, there is the feeling of the Middle Ages have returned.

Among the sights in Camogli, the most important and interesting are the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with our live stream mentioned earlier and castello della Dragonara, 11th century castle, located behind the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Here are exhibits of the Museum of Navigation here. It also has a very beautiful aquarium.

In Camogli, which picturesque panorama is clearly visible in our live webcam, many museums, galleries and exhibitions are open in the city.


Festivals and holidays

Besides the St. Fortunato holiday, mentioned above, there is St. Prospero festival too. St. Prospero is the patron saint of the city. Every year in September the inhabitants of Camogli gather for a merry holiday. A month before, in August, a festival in honor of the Virgin of the Sea (Stella Maris) is hold here. The one episode from this holiday is especially beautiful: a boats procession passes from Camogli to the neighboring town of Punta Chiappa, where the altar of the holy virgin is located. A large number of lighted candles are let down to the sea surface. There is no festival without the national Camogli dish - La Camogliese (cookies with rum cream).

Travelling in Camogli, it is worth to visit in the town of Portofino, located nearby.

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Camogli has a moderate climate, close to the Mediterranean. The Atlantic Ocean has a great influence on the city. The average temperature in winter is +7 C, and in summer - +26 C.

Weather forecast in Camogli for 7 days is available on our website online.