Latina city panorama

Latina , Italy


In a live camera there a beautiful panorama of the city of Latina, located in the italina province of Lazio in the center of the Pontic fields near the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Latina that you see in the live broadcast was founded in 1932.

As the webcam shows well, the landscape of Latina is quite diverse: you can see mountains, plains, and rivers in online camera. A large area of the city is occupied by nature reserves: Monte Orlando regional Park in Gaeta, Monti Aurunci Natural Park and Park of Gianola.

The most popular nature reserve in Latina, part of which this webcam demonstrates well, is Capo Circeo National Park. There are a wide variety of mammals, as well as many birds live here.

The most popular beaches of Latina are located on the islands of Ponza, where online stream is also conducted from, and Ventotene.

Fans of a relaxing holiday in nature should go to the Lakes of Fogliano and Sabaudia.

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The main square of Latina, which panorama can be seen online, is Piazza del Popolo. On the other famous square of Piazza San Marco there is one of the main city attractions - Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark. Near the cathedral there is the Palazzo M.

In Latina province, on the coast there is the medieval village of Sperlonga with narrow streets and unusual buildings located on a steep cliff overlooking the sea and the Tiberius grotto.

Tourists often go to San Felice Circeo, located on Mount Circeo.

There is a great attention to the excellent beach areas of the Golf of Formia.

Traveling around Latina, where the live stream is conducted from, visit the town of Terracina with the Roman Temple of Young Jupiter. In the historical center on Piazza del Municipio stands the medieval Teraccina Cathedral, built in honor of St. Caesarea. Near there is the 14th century Palazzo Venditti.

On the narrow cape next to the Monte Orlando Mountain there is the town of Gaeta with well-preserved medieval quarters. Of the religious monuments there is the church of San Giovanni a Mare with a spherical shape dome.

Other important ancient sights are located also in Cori, Norma, Cezza, Monte San Biagio and Ninfa.

The most beautiful castles, fortresses and medieval churches are located in Cori, Fondi, Maenza and Priverno, the old abbeys are in Fossanova, Minturno and Sermoneta.

Fans of sailing and diving will like the waters of the Pontic Islands: Ponza, where there is also a webcam, Gavi, Zannone, Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

There are many interesting holidays and festivals in Latina with this webcam. For example, in the city of Cori, there is historic knightly tournament of Carosello dei Rioni. The Roast Chestnut Fair is taking place in Norma. Sonnino hosts the Festival of Torches before the Ascension Day, with a torchlight procession to the church of the Holy Virgin. Sagra delle Regne holiday in the historic center of Minturno is also considered important.

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