Lombardy , Italy


The town of Bellagio with our online camera is located in the region of Lombardy and belongs to the Italian province of Como. Bellagio is called "the pearl of Como". This is a very picturesque corner of northern Italy. Even in ancient times the town with our live broadcast, favorably located near the picturesque Lake Como, that is perfectly seen in our webcam, flourished and actively developed. Noble families from Lombardy loved to come here.

In the 19th century Bellagio was considered a luxurious and expensive place: chic villas, gardens, parks, expensive shops. As in ancient times, and nowadays, Bellagio is the most important tourist object of Lombardy. The most famous landmark of the city with our web camera is Giardini di Villa Melzi near the lake Como, built in the early 19th. The building is a luxury house with an English garden with a Venetian gondola, ancient Egyptian statues, rare exotic plants, century-old trees, camellias fences, azalea groves and giant rhododendrons.

Bellagio is rich in Roman buildings: mansions and churches. San Giacomo is Romance-Lombardy basilica of the 11th-12th centuries has a great interest. The interior of the church still has the historical mosaic, the rich altar and the ancient crucifixion of Christ. There is a Church of San Giovanni (16th century) with a very original altar image.

Fans of cultural recreation will be interested to visit the Tower of the Arts and the Museum of Navigation Instruments.

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Bellagio in our online webcam has a beautiful nature. Mount San Primo - perfectly fits into the landscape. There is a special viewing platform of the city you can enjoy the panorama with Como Lake.

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Bellagio has a very mild climate. Winter temperature rarely falls below 6 °, and in summer is 25-30 ° C.
Weather forecast in Bellagio for 7 days is available on our website online.