Naples city view

Naples , Italy


There is a live stream on the one of the ancient and controversial cities in the south of Italy - Naples. Located at the foot of the great Mount Vesuvius, the city, well-visible online, is one of the most visited tourist cities in Italy.

Naples, where our webcam is located, is descending from a high hill with the Castel Sant'Elmo down to the Gulf of Naples with the popular via Partenope along it. In the evening, when it is already dark, the locals aspire to the Trieste e Trento square at the very epicenter of the nightlife of the city.

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The historic center of Naples, which you see online, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Naples, well shown in our webcam, cannot boast with beaches. The only beach of the city is Bagno Elena beach, located in the area of ​​Posilippo. A clear sea can be found in the Positano area, where there is a wide pebbled Spiaggia Grande beach as well as the quiet Fornillo beach with pebbles and volcanic sand. Clear water is also on the sandy beach of Lucrino in the area of ​​Bagnoli-Pozzuoli.

Residents of the city of Naples, which center you see in the live camera, mostly go to rest on the neighboring islands. For example, on the island of Procida with its best Lido di Procida beach. Also on this island there is another picturesque Pozzo Vecchio beach.

Naples, where our online stream is conducted, is a port city. From its coast you can see the amazing Castel dell'Ovo castle, rushing far into the sea. Near the port, above the Bay of Naples, there is the New Castle - the medieval Neapolitan kings’ residence. In the 18th century, the monarchs moved from there to the huge Royal Palace located opposite, on the north side with is San Carlo Theater.

The most beautiful square in the city, part of which is visible to the webcam, is Plebiscito Square. Opposite there is San Francesco di Paola basilica erected by order of King Ferdinando I.

The liveliest street of Naples in our online camera is Via Toledo, to the left there is a bright Spanish quarter. Walking along this street you can reach the beautiful Gesù Nuovo square, where the Jesuit church of Gesu Nuovo and the Basilica of Santa Chiara are located.

There are 450 churches in Naples! Cappella Sansevero chapel is particularly notable.

 The main religious attraction of Naples, which panorama is well demonstrated by our webcam, is the Cathedral with the St. Januarius relics and ampoules with clots of its blood.

If you travel to Naples in our live camera with children, then surely go to San Gregorio Armeno Street with shops and workshops, making figures for Christmas scenes "presepe" figures (nativity scene). The largest collection of Christmas "presepe", since the 18th century, is stored in the San Martino museum-monastery.



 The climate in the city of Naples with the online camera is Mediterranean. Winter is mild and wet. Summer is dry and hot. To walk around the city and observe the sights is better from April to May. At the beginning of summer it becomes hot, with temperatures around +30 C. July and August are the hottest months without rain. At this time it is better to go to the beach. Since September, there is gradual temperature decrease. Winter in Naples is often foggy, with rain and strong wind. February is the coldest month.

Weather forecast in Naples for 7 days is available on our website online.


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