Rimini beach

Rimini , Italy

Rimini Beach

Our webcam shows the beautiful beach of the resort town of Rimini as also the promenade. Besides, in the live camera you can well see the highway.


The city of Rimini, whose beach zone is well demonstrated by our webcam, is the most popular resort on the Italian Adriatic coast with 15 km of sandy beaches.
The beaches of Rimini, including the beach in our live camera, clean and well maintained, with all the comforts and renting facilities.

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All Rimini beaches, which coast you can see online, are ideal for families with children. The entrance to the sea is shallow and very convenient. All beaches are equipped with rescue towers. Near there are cafes and restaurants.

The waters of the Adriatic Sea, which seaside can be perfectly seen in the webcam, are also suitable for diving. A large number of bright fish, turtles, starfish, and corals live here.

The most successful places for diving: the Natural Park "Mount San Bartolo", the flooded artificial Rose Island.

In Rimini with our live stream, there are interesting sights: the Emperor Augustus arch, the bridge Tiberius, Cavour Square. Not far from Piazza Cavour there is Castel Sismondo, and a little bit more towalk, you will see the magnificent Franciscan Gothic Cathedral.

In Rimini, with our online webcam, there is the 18th century fish market, offering excellent seafood. Nearby there is the marble "Pigna fountain" with drinking water. Also near the mentioned square there is the Gambalunga library of the 17th -18th centuries.

Walking along Rimini, which promenade you can observe in the online camera, look at the The 'Surgeon's House' glass-domed museum on Piazza Ferrari. There you can get acquainted with mosaics, vases, statuettes, surgical instruments and dishes for the medicines preparation.

Passing to Del Fante Street you can admire the fishing house, whose walls are almost completely lined with shells.

Guests of Rimini at the Piazza Fellini are attracted by a modern monument in the form of a giant photo camera.

If you decide to walk along the promenade, which is visible in the live webcam, then you will reach the lighthouse in the Baroque style.


The climate of Rimini, from which our online stream is conducted, is dominated by a mild climate and influenced by Mediterranean and temperate continental climate. Beach holiday season begins in early May and ends in late October. The most active period is from June to August. In summertime it is warm, but not hot. Winter is also warm, sometimes it can snow. Spring is rainy, but in April it’s already comfortable to walk around the city and see the sights.

Weather forecast in Rimini for 7 days is available on our website online.


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