The canal of Venice

Venice , Italy

Canal of Venice

There is a very interesting live stream on one of the famous canals of the magical city of Venice. Webcam is located on the Hotel Lisbona in the historic center of the city. Staying here, you can clearly see the gondolas and gondoliers, as well as to listen to their songs.

The online camera clearly demonstrates the place where gondolas stay, waiting for tourists. In the beautiful Venice there are 118 islands, more than 400 bridges and 176 channels, one of which is clearly visible in the online camera.

The canals of Venice are not just water space, they are the real circulatory system of a city, with an active traffic. The name “channel”, which is familiar to us, can be used only for 3 large channels: the Grand Canal, Cannaregio and Giudecca. Other waterways are called “Rio.”

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the main canal of Venice, where the Baltic Live Cam has a live stream here. This channel is 3800 meters long and has a depth of about 5-6 meters. Four bridges pass through the Grand Canal: the Rialto Bridge, the Academy Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge, the Constitution Bridge.

Getting around Grand Canada is like visiting a museum. There are about 200 palaces and several temples. All the historical buildings surrounding the Grand Canal were built about five centuries ago. Sailing through it, you will see the delightful majestically Venetian palaces of different architecture styles rising from the water.

Cannaregio Canal

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Cannaregio Canal is a link between the Grand Canal and the northern part of the lagoon. Its width is about 22-27 meters, length - 800 m. It was named after the district of Cannaregio, in which place once there were swamps and reeds ("canna"). In past centuries, the canal was the main sea gate of Venice. Two interesting bridges pass through Cannaregio: the delle Guglie bridge and the Three-Arches bridge - a unique preserved bridge with three spans.

Giudecca Canal

Another channel, the Giudecca Canal, in the south, connects the western part of Venice with the San Marco Water Area. The name of the channel comes from the name of the island of Giudecca, where the rebel aristocrats were sent (it. "Giudicati" - "convicted"). The length of the channel is 4 km, the width is about 240-450 m, and the depth is 4-12 m.

Large cruise ships pass through the Giudecca Canal. As mentioned above, in Venice, besides the canals, one of which is visible online, there is also Rio. The average depth of numerous Rio is 2.5-3 meters.

Most of the Rio are one-way streets. It is interesting: on any canal and Rio of Venice, including the canal with our live camera, there are special road rules, as well as signs and a pole, where the gondolas moor. Such column are clearly visible in our online stream camera. The gondolas, shown in our webcam, have maximum allowed speed of 20 km /h. On several channels it is forbidden to move faster than 5-7 km / h. Gondolas raise waves that can damage nearby buildings.

All Canals of the city, including the channel that you see in the live camera, are periodically cleaned.



The city of Venice is the southern settlement. Summer is long and quite hot. The average July temperature is about 23 degrees. Winter is mild, with an average temperature of about 2.5 degrees. Frosts and snowfalls are rare.
Weather forecast in Venice for 7 days is available on our website online


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