Tokyo TV Tower

Tokyo , Japan

Tokyo TV Tower

Webcam online, perfectly demonstrating the famous Tokyo TV Tower, located in the center of the capital of Japan - Tokyo. The city is proud not of its active life, ancient temples and beautiful castles only, but also with the TV tower - one of the main attractions. High beautiful tower and twin sister of the Eiffel Tower in Paris has an excellent observation deck with a panoramic view of Tokyo and the snow-capped peaks of the Mount Fuji. The view is just stunning at any time of the day. On the first floor of the TV tower in our live broadcast there is a very large aquarium, on the third - Museum of Wax Figures, the fourth floor is occupied by a holographic exhibition.

Tokyo TV Tower, built in 1958 is a real fashion model: photographs, movies, postcards - she appears everywhere. Almost a complete copy of the Eiffel Tower still has its own style: a bright orange color, which is clearly visible in our live broadcast. By the way, Tokyo TV Tower is higher than the Eiffel Tower.

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Historical fact: the TV tower was the highest in the world in the 1950s, but in 1967, the Ostankino TV Tower was built in Moscow, and "outgrew" the Tokyo tower.

The Tokyo Tower is especially beautiful at twilight and by night. Tokyo turns into a kaleidoscope of lights at this time, the main role is assigned to the Tokyo Television tower with 176 projectors. This is clearly visible in our live stream.



The capital of Japan - Tokyo with our live webcam is one of the most modern and largest metropolitan areas in the world with a huge number of attractions, numerous areas with a very complex city layout, independent and confusing metro lines. Most of the city of Tokyo - a concrete jungle, wrapped in wires with neon lighting. It's especially hard to be in Tokyo during peak hours, when the city looks like a floating mass. To get around all the interesting places in the city, it will take more than a day. Therefore, planning a trip, it is better to calculate special days for Tokyo.


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The climate of Tokyo is subtropical monsoon. Summer comes late enough - in May. But it is long enough (until November), hot and very stuffy due to high humidity. Autumn comes in November and spring starts in February. Interesting fact: there is no winter season in Tokyo - it is dry, almost without precipitation. Snow is a very rare phenomenon. The warmest month is August, and the coldest month is January.

Weather forecast in Tokyo for 7 days is available on our website online.