Toyama beach

Toyama , Japan
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Toyama Beach

In the webcam you can see the Central Beach of the city of Toyama, a popular vacation spot for both fans of inert pastime and lovers of active entertainment in the summer.


Toyama, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is the administrative center of the prefecture of the same name. It is located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan on the island of Honshu, 300 km northwest of Tokyo.

The main attraction of the city, whose beach you see in the online camera, is Toyama Castle, a real military fortress with almost 500 years of history.

In the past, the territory of the entire Toyama shown in the web camera was occupied by this one castle. Over time, the city has grown and expanded its borders. At present, only a small part of the fortress remains. Now in the main tower of the citadel there is a museum of history. The old building also has an observation deck, which offers a breathtaking view of the city in a live stream.


 Beaches in Japan

Japan, where the online broadcast comes from, is an island state, its territory is surrounded by the ocean, so there are many beach resorts. The coast of the country stretched for almost twenty thousand kilometers. The beaches of Japan are diverse: with snow-white fine sand, surrounded by tropical vegetation, with black volcanic sand, as well as others.

The infrastructure on Japanese beaches, including the beach of the city of Toyama in the online live camera, does not differ in any way. Of course, they have all the necessary attributes for recreation, but still, for such a developed country as Japan, the beaches are equipped quite simply.

The inhabitants of Japan are famous for their ability to create a reserve from any piece of land, so perfect cleanliness reigns everywhere.

The beach and swimming season in the country shown online lasts from July to September. But even in September it is warm enough: it is comfortable to sunbathe and swim.

Features of rest on Japanese beaches

Going on vacation to Japan, where this webcam is located, we advise you to get acquainted with some peculiarities of beach pastime. So, men and boys do not wear triangular-shaped swimming trunks, but prefer long bermuda shorts (to the knees). Women’s swimwear is also quite conservative.

For local residents, a beach holiday is the usual walks along the coast, barbecues, and active leisure. The concept of swimming in the sea rather includes “riding the waves.” For example, the majority of those who swim use various inflatable rings, toys, mattresses, surfboards.

Water games are very popular. Men prefer surfing.

The Japanese are not used to sunbathing: while on the beach, they hide under umbrellas, protecting themselves from the scorching sun.

The best beaches in Japan: Miyazaki, Minamijima, Kume, Sunayama, Nishihama, Akajima.

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