Dubulti Beach

Jurmala , Latvia

Though Dubulti Beach comes second in terms of popularity, it is one of the most historically important parts of Jurmala. The summer cottages had been built here in the early 19th century and it was home to a beloved Latvian poet - Aspazija (1865—1943).

Her house is one of the most recognisable sites in Dubulti. Among others, notable sites are the Dubulti Lutheranian Church and, of course, the Dubulti beach. Just like the rest of the district, the beach has its own historical value - it is one of the first beaches on the coast of Riga and the first bathing facility had been built here in 1858.  

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Everybody knows that Jurmala is a famous holiday destination. Loads of people could be seen here during summer, among these are both, the local citizens and tourists. Although the beaches of Jurmala are very similar, the Dubulti Beach, due to its historical legacy, certainly provides unique environment and charm.   


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