Turaidas Street

Jurmala , Latvia

Turaidas Street is jet another important part of Jurmala, that has become to a popular place to go for a walk to. A street that is popular among locals as well as guest of the city.

The Turaidas Quarter and other places along this street offer everything from fancy restaurants to places to stay for the night. This street is without doubt one of those places, that is fulfilled with a lively atmosphere, which means it provides new insight into the everyday life of the city.

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One of the special things about Turaidas Street is the place it leads us to. Right at the end of the street, by the side of the sea, we find ourselves at the famous Concert Hall “Dzintari”. And it is only one of the many places we can visit, while going for a walk on Turaidas Street.

All of that together makes Turaidas Street on of the most special places in Jurmala.

It is worth mentioning, that the majority of buildings along Turaidas Street have their own, unique story. A story, that tells us something more about Jurmala, its history and cultural heritage.