Druskininkai Musical Fountain

Druskininkai , Lithuania
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Druskininkai, that you see in the web camera online, is a resort city in the south of Lithuania, situated on the shore of the river Neman. The city, where this live broadcast comes from, is surrounded by forests and is located in a picturesque location, full with lakes, rivers, forests and hills.

The musical fountain you see in webcam, is a modern tourist attraction, popular with both the locals and guests of the city. Every day, the fountain turns into a beautiful music and light show.

Baltic Live Cam shows several cam online scenes across Lithuania. The Vilnius Cathedral Square is equally as beautiful as the Kaunas Town Hall Square that is shown from the camera online above. Indeed, webcam Kaunas also shows the stunning St Michael the Archangel Cathedral as well as an impressive view of the Neman River.

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