Druskininkai Musical Fountain

Druskininkai , Lithuania
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Musical fountain in Druskininkai

The musical fountain in the online camera is one of the modern attractions of the city of Druskininkai. Located in the very center of the city in the Park near the hospital, it delights residents and guests with bright light and music shows.

With the onset of the warm season, vacationers gather at the fountain in the webcam, enjoying its dances to wonderful melodies. There are benches next to the fountain in the live broadcast, where families with children, couples in love, groups of friends usually sit.

Walking around Druskininkai, where the online camera is located, it is impossible to pass by this decoration of the resort. There is a desire to stop and admire the illumination, and during the winter holidays it is interesting to visit the park of Christmas trees that appear at the fountain in the webcam.


Druskininkai, where the live broadcast comes from, is a resort town in southern Lithuania, on the banks of the Neman River. This is the oldest health resort in the country, known since the 19th century. The city shown in the web camera is surrounded by forests and is located in a picturesque place full of rivers, lakes, fields and hills.

In the sanatoriums of the resort in the webcam, diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, digestive tract, peripheral nervous system and respiratory tract, gynecological diseases, and metabolic disorders are treated.

The medical base of the resort is sodium-calcium chloride water (bathing and drinking), medicinal peat and sapropel. Also used here are pearl, carbonic, iodine-bromine and turpentine baths, baths with medicinal herbs, underwater massage shower, vertical baths, therapeutic mud applications, galvanic mud therapy, therapeutic exercises in the pool or hall, therapeutic oxygen cocktails, massage and psychotherapy.

In addition to health resorts in Druskininkai, the center of which you see online, there are interesting sights. For example, the Museum of the artist and composer M. K. Čiurlionis, the museum of the artist and sculptor-modernist Jacques Lipchitz, the Church of St. Virgin Mary, the Druskininkai City Museum (villa Linksma), the Museum “Forest Echo” (everything about the forests of Lithuania), the park of sculptural monuments in the village Grutas (8 km from Druskininkai).

Not far from the city in this online stream there is the largest national park in Lithuania, „Dzūkija“.

Of the entertainment in Druskininkai, demonstrated in the online live camera, the local Aquapark is very popular. It is the complex of water entertainment, saunas and spas.

You can visit the year-round “Snow Arena” ski resort, located 2 km from Druskininkai in the webcam.

Children like the Adventure Park on the banks of the Neman River. In summer, vacationers fill the beach on Lake Vijunele in the city center.


The climate of Druskininkai shown in the webcam is mild. The average daily air temperature is around +21 C, in July-August in the city it is about +22 C. January is the coldest month, when the air temperature during the day is on average -3 C. The hot season in Druskininkai falls on the period from June to August, although tourists come to the resort throughout the year. Balneological centers, a water park, spa centers, an artificial ski slope, cafes, museums are open all year round. Weather forecast in Druskininkai for 7 days is available on our website online.

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