Kaunas Central Square

Kaunas , Lithuania
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Kaunas Town Hall Square

Kaunas, where there is live broadcast comes from,is Lithuania’s second largest town after Vilnius with a population of around 325 000 inhabitants. It’s nestled between the Neris and Nemunas Rivers. Its Old Town is small, but intact as it has suffered less destruction during the post-war Soviet era as can be seen in the live footage of the Town Hall Square on HD webcam Kaunas.


The Town Hall

Live webcam Lithuania shows the Town Hall square of Kaunas that is situated in the heart of Kaunas. The construction of the town hall started in 1542 and it has been constructed in a combination of architectural styles over the years including late-Baroque, early Classicism and Gothic styles. Over the centuries, the Old Town Hall online, was constantly re-purposed. Nowadays it is the home of the city’s Ceramics Museum. In addition numerous public and private events are held here.

The tower of the Town Hall you see in web camera, is 53m high as can be seen on the Kaunas web camera online. One can see a picturesque view of the city from the top of the tower, rising above the square, which surrounds the Town Hall in the live camera. The tower used to hold a few shops on the ground floor, with the municipal rooms situated above. The building also served as a prison, with the prisoner cells located in the basement.

The Town Hall Square you see in live footage, was remade in 1780, with the addition of new statues of Lithuania’s Grand Dukes. Unfortunately, the statues mysteriously disappeared not long before the Old Town Hall was re-purposed as a church in 1824. At that point the Russian Empire took over and the building was re-purposed once again, this time as temporary housing for the tsar. This new development quickly turned the square into the economic center of the city.

Town Hall Square

There are five churches in and around the Town Hall Square online, each representing a different pre-1800 architectural style. The oldest church is the Vytautas church which was built in 1399. The Church of Saint George was built in a Gothic style in 1490 while the Holy Trinity Church which was built in 1634 is typical of the Renaissance style. Finally, a Baroque-styled Jesuit church was built in 1720. To the east of the square lies the Kaunas Cathedral – the largest Gothic building in Lithuania.

These days, the Town Hall Square in the web camera, is a meeting place of both tourists and locals and is especially crowded during the warm summer months. The square is surrounded by restaurants, bars and cafés. During the winter, the square changes completely, as the outdoor ice-skating rink opens and the stalls with food and hot beverages appear. The hustle and bustle in the Town Hall Square can be viewed on the Kaunas live cam throughout the year.

Baltic Live Cam shows several cam online scenes across Lithuania. The Vilnius Cathedral Square is equally as beautiful as the Kaunas Town Hall Square that is shown from the camera online above. 

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