Neman River

Kaunas , Lithuania
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Neman River

The Neman River you see in the webcam, is one of the major rivers in Eastern Europe, which rises in Belarus and goes through Lithuania. The river  then drains into the Curonian Lagoon and into the Baltic Sea through Klaipeda.

The river in the online camera, appears in countless historical events. The Knights of the Teutonic Order built the Memelburg Castle and the town of Memel at the mouth of the Curonian Lagoon. Nowadays, Memel is known as Klaipeda.  

In 1807, the raft of the river was the place of the The Treaty of Tilsit between Napoleon and Czar Alexander I. Napoleon crossed this river in 1812, which was described in the famous Tolstoy book “War and Peace”.

The Neman river, showed in live camera, was also mentioned in the national anthem of the Germany Weimar Republic, where the river was referred to as the eastern border of the yet to be unified Germany.

As mentioned above, the Neman that you see online is a river in Eastern Europe that flows into the Curonian Lagoon and further into the Baltic Sea. The river in the webcam covers the territories of three countries (Lithuania, Belarus and Russia).

The source of the Neman in a live broadcast is located in Central Belarus, on the Minsk Upland. In the upper reaches, the river is often called the Nemanets. As for the name of the river in the online live camera: there is no consensus on its origin. There are versions of the etymology from the Finnish, Old Baltic and Old Polish languages. On the territory of Lithuania, where the online stream comes from, the river is called Nemunas.

Basically, the Neman River in the web camera flows through flat terrain. There are places where the water artery narrows, forming something similar to canyons (Mostovsky and Grodno Gates). In such areas, the bottom of the river is rocky and rapids. In the lowlands, the Neman valley expands: appear lakes and islands, and the bottom is sandy. The direction of the Neman channel changes sharply twice. The river flowing from its sources towards the west, in the interval between Masty and Grodno, turns north, and after Kaunas it again heads west. When flowing into the Curonian Lagoon, the Neman, shown online, is divided into tributaries (Rusne, Gilia and others).

In total, the Neman has about 200 tributaries, the largest of which are: Neris (Vilija), Shchara and Sheshupe. Another 8 tributaries have a length of more than 100 kilometers.

The ice on the Neman, which you see in the live cam, does not lie for long and only in winter. In spring, there is an active flood, and in the summer season the water level in the river is very low. It is regulated by the Kaunas and Grodno hydroelectric power stations.

The Neman in this live footage is a navigable river. Navigation is possible from Birštonas to Kaunas HPP, which does not have a lock, and below Kaunas. The navigable Augustow Canal connects the Neman with the Vistula River basin, and the Oginski Canal, through a tributary of the Shchara, connects the river with the Dnieper basin.

On the Neman in the online camera there are such cities as Grodno, Alytus, Kaunas. The natural landscapes of the river, resort areas, as well as the popular route of the Augustow Canal, are of great interest to tourists.

The rivers and lakes of the Lithuanian state have always served as waterways, but for navigation, only the Neman (Nemunas) in the online camera is the most suitable option for navigation. It carries water to the Baltic Sea.

Lithuania, where the live broadcast is conducted from, is characterized by an extensive river network. All Lithuanian rivers belong to the Baltic Sea basin. In total, there are 21 rivers in the country with a length of more than 100 km and 722 rivulets with a total length of more than 10 km.

The largest rivers of Lithuania: Nemunas (Neman, 937 km, from Neris (510 km, out of the country – 234 km), Venta (346 km, out of them in the country – 161 km) and Sheshupe (298 km, out of them in the country).

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