Neman River

Kaunas , Lithuania

The Neman River is one of the major rivers in Eastern Europe, which rises in Belarus and goes through Lithuania. The river then drains into the Curonian Lagoon and into the Baltic Sea through Klaipeda.

The river appears in countless historical events. The Knights of the Teutonic Order built the Memelburg Castle and the town of Memel at the mouth of the Curonian Lagoon. Nowadays, Memel is known as Klaipeda.  

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In 1807, the raft of the river was the place of the The Treaty of Tilsit between Napoleon and Czar Alexander I. Napoleon crossed this river in 1812, which was described in the famous Tolstoy book “War and Peace”.

The river was also mentioned in the national anthem of the Germany Weimar Republic, where the river was referred to as the eastern border of the yet to be unified Germany.

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