Palanga Pier

Palanga , Lithuania
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Palanga Pier

Palanga, where there is live broadcast comes from, is without a doubt one of the most well known cities of Lithuania, that is popular among Lithuanians themselves as well as guest from other countries. The main reason for this fame and popularity is definitely the large number of tourist attractions and relaxation possibilities within or near the city. 

One of the most popular places to visit in Palanga online, is the Palanga Pier that is also know as the Palanga Sea Bridge. It reaches into the sea for 407 meters and is shaped in the form of letter L. The pier in the webcam, provides a chance to see the shore from a different perspective while going for a walk, at the same time, it is still opened for small tourist ships in summer.

Palanga Pier showed in live camera, was first constructed in 1884, in order to revive the Palanga port. The steamship that was also purchased at the time allowed to successfully transport passengers and different goods to the port of Liepāja (Latvia). Unfortunately the pier soon became impossible to navigate due to sand that was brought closer to the pier during storms.

After year 1888 the Palanga Pier in the online footage, gained popularity as a place to visit while going for a walk, which established a new meaning for the pier. Strong wind and waves of the sea damaged the pier over time, therefore reconstruction was carried out in 1998. After the reconstruction Palanga Pier has become an even more popular place among locals and city guests.

Palanga with the pier in the online camera, occupies 25 km of coastline with Baltic landscapes, pine groves, endless and coastal mixed forests.

The resort, where the online broadcast is conducted from, is a great place to relax with children. Favorable cool climate and iodine-saturated air have a beneficial effect on the health of young travelers.

In the multi-kilometer botanical park, children can feed swans, ducks and squirrels, and on the central Basanavičus promenade, they can find many local delicacies, such as chocolate-covered corrugated waffles or pancakes with fresh berries and whipped cream. There are also attractions here.

Palanga, shown in the web camera, is a magnificent balneological resort. Local rest houses offer sea and sodium-calcium chloride baths and peat mud, therapeutic physiotherap, massages and inhalations.

There are also opportunities for outdoor activities in the city. So, on the beaches of Palanga, one of which you see in the online live camera, you can rent a pedal boat, jet ski, and also go surfing. Volleyball courts are located on the beach north of the sea pier in the webcam, and 6 tennis courts, bike and roller skate rentals, as well as mini golf for children are available in the city itself.

On the way to Klaipeda, where there is also a webcam on the Baltic Live Cam website, there is a stud farm where you can ride horses.


The climate of Palanga, broadcasted live, is temperate. In summer, there is no sweltering heat, and winter is mild and have little snow. The air temperature in July and August in the city is kept within +25 C, the water temperature is +17…+19 C. Sunny days can be replaced by short-term thunderstorms. The average air temperature in winter is around +0C…+2C. Weather forecast in Palanga for 7 days is available on our website online.

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