Palanga Pier

Palanga , Lithuania
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Palanga, where there is live broadcast comes from, is without a doubt one of the most well known cities of Lithuania, that is popular among Lithuanians themselves as well as guest from other countries. The main reason for this fame and popularity is definitely the large number of tourist attractions and relaxation possibilities within or near the city. 

One of the most popular places to visit in Palanga online, is the Palanga Pier that is also know as the Palanga Sea Bridge. It reaches into the sea for 407 meters and is shaped in the form of letter L. The pier in the webcam, provides a chance to see the shore from a different perspective while going for a walk, at the same time, it is still opened for small tourist ships in summer.

Palanga Pier showed in live camera, was first constructed in 1884, in order to revive the Palanga port. The steamship that was also purchased at the time allowed to successfully transport passengers and different goods to the port of Liepāja (Latvia). Unfortunately the pier soon became impossible to navigate due to sand that was brought closer to the pier during storms.

After year 1888 the Palanga Pier in the online footage, gained popularity as a place to visit while going for a walk, which established a new meaning for the pier. Strong wind and waves of the sea damaged the pier over time, therefore reconstruction was carried out in 1998. After the reconstruction Palanga Pier has become an even more popular place among locals and city guests.

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