Trakai Castle

Trakai , Lithuania
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Park house

The Gothic-styled Trakai castle was an important military and political center of Lithuania and was the starting point of Lithuanian statehood history. Back in the day, the Trakai castle was the capital of Lithuania and the house of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes.  Many legends, stories and events are related with this castle. The place is situated in the west of Vilnius – surrounded by forests, lakes and hills. This pride of Lithuania is the only castle in Eastern Europe built on an island

Nowadays, the place is popular both with the tourists and the locals, who seek refuge from the city life and just want to walk around the beautiful parks, appreciate the architecture of the old times and take a yacht trip on one of the numerous lakes close to the castle. The castle is also a must-visit location for people interested in history and like mysterious locations.

Little known fact is that Trakai was a multicultural colony in the Middle Ages. Trakai is famous for being the home of the ethnic minority of Karaimes, who inhabited the area since the 14th century. Their sanctuary, along with houses of Karaimes, have survived in Trakai.

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