Vilnius Cathedral Square

Vilnius , Lithuania
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The Vilnius Cathedral in the web camera, is an important part of Lithuanian cultural heritage. During its long history, the place has been destroyed and reconstructed countless times, and today it proudly stands in the heart of the city and is the center of all festivities – be it religious, ethnic or national.

The Cathedral online itself holds many secrets, with numerous ancient written sources hint that the placed served as a pagan temple dedicated to the Thunder God Perkunas, before the building of the church in the thirteenth century.

The Catherdral you see in live camera, is surrounded by the Catherdral Square you also observe online, which served as a location of the defense wall, towers and the Bishop’s Palace. Nowadays, the Square in the webcam, is full of life day and night, with tourists and locals alike, couples, bikers and skaters enjoying the captivating view of one of this beautiful cathedral and the equally gorgeous square. The square in live broadcast, hosts countless events, concerts, festivals and celebrations.

Vilnius, where the live stream comes from, is home to many stunning sites such as the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and the Antakalnis Cemetery among others. Vilnius live camera has captured some of the most beautiful and interesting sites such as the Vilnius City Center and the Hales Market. The camera online view of the city center shows the hustle and bustle of modern life in this important Baltic city. HD Cam Vilnius captured the quintessential Baroque essence of Vilnius perfectly with its live web camera view from the Ramada Imperial. Vilnius is truly the crown jewel of Lithuania and indeed the whole of the Baltics.

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