Andilana beach

Nosy Be , Madagaskar

Andilana Beach

There is the live stream one of the most famous and best beach of the Nosy Be Island- Andilana. Also, there are two other popular beach areas on Madagascar Island: Ambatoloaka and Madirokely.

Nosy be

Nosy Be, which beach you can see well online is the most famous and largest tourist island of Madagascar. It is located north of the capital of Madagascar, the city of Antananarivo.

Nosy Be is a real beach paradise, an island of excellent hotels and a vibrant nightlife. Local clean beaches, as well as the beach in the online live camera, stole the love of the most sophisticated tourists. Besides the beaches, one of which is well shown by our webcam, Nosy Be has a very good soil, thanks to that, there grows ylang ylang and coffee.

Andoany (also Hell-Ville) is the capital of Nosy Be island. The city is rich in sights: the city market, the Diving Center, the Oceanographic Research Center, the old prison of 1855. Not far from Andoany there is the Lokobe Nature Special Reserve with a large number of birds, chameleons, black lemurs and snakes. There is a sleeping volcano Nosy be on the island with our live stream camera.

On the neighboring coral islands: Nosy Komba, Nosy Irania and Ankarea, you can enjoy the best beach holiday. Nosy Tanikely and its marine park works for fans of deep-sea swimming on Nosy Be. For divers on the island there is an underwater mountain with the name "Organ."

There is the most beautiful waterfalls on Nosy Be, from where our online live stream is conducted. The most picturesque and highest is Sakaleuna Falls, located near the town of Nosy Varika.

Other places to visit on Nosy Be are: Mount Passot, Silver Falls, Djamandzara, where, since 1900 has been produced rum.

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Nosy Be

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The most popular dish in the Nosy Be restaurants is boiled langusts.


Nosy Be is ruled by a tropical climate. There are two seasons: dry and wet. There is high humidity all year round. The average annual temperature on Nosy Be is about + 26C. The rainy season begins in summer, from November till March. From April till October, during the dry season, the amount of rains is minimal. The best time to travel to Nosy Be is from May to September.  Weather forecast on the Nosy Be Island for 7 days is available on our website online.


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