Nes harbour

Ameland , Netherlands

Nes Harbor

There is an interesting live stream on the harbor of the city of Nes, located in the south of Ameland Island in the Netherlands. The Bay of Nes, which you can see well in the webcam, belongs to one of the 17 Wadden Sea ports.

The active life period of the Nes Harbor, well demonstrated by our online camera, is from April 1 to November 1. During low tide, due to the small depth, only small boats are allowed to be used in the harbor.  In the bay, where our live stream is coming from, there are floating docks with electricity, a port service with meteorological information and tide observations, and a sewage system.


Nes village with our live camera is located on the southern side of the Ameland. Despite Nes, there are 3 small villages in the wet lowlands of the island. Nes is the biggest one. Only 1,200 inhabitants live in the city.

The most important attraction of Nes is the old ship “Holwerd” ("Commander's House" (Commandeurshuizen)), located in the very center of the town. This amazing village combines beautiful old captain's houses and modern shops.

The city in our live stream is not boring at all. It is especially pleasant to stroll through the old town, even after the restoration preserving the Middle Ages spirit. The center of the old village was built around a separate church tower.

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In Nes, whose harbor you see online, there was a beautiful Roman Catholic church, built in 1878 by architect Pierre Cuypers. But in February 2013, the temple was destroyed by fire.

Not far from the place where the church was located there is the monument to the ancient Ameland Cardinal Johannes de Jong.

Very interesting to see the grain mill "Phoenix" of 1880, which is located on the northern outskirts of Nes. In 1980, the mill was acquired by the municipality of Ameland.In 1982, it was restored, put in working condition and now welcomes visitors. From the flour of the aforementioned mill, Amelander Baker prepare "mill bread."

Need to be mentioned famous Captain's Houses, which filled the city of Nes in our webcam live stream online camera. One of the oldest houses built in 1625 is located on Rixt van Doniastraat Street.


Ameland Island, where our webcam is located, is one of the West Frisian Islands in the Friesland region, near the north coast of the Netherlands. Ameland has borders with the Terschelling Island in the west and Shermonikog Island in the east. The landscape of Ameland Island, which harbor you can see online, mainly has dunes, making the soil to be quite dry. Only in the eastern part of Ameland, there is humid soil in the Het Oerd lowland.

The valley is a reserve park for birds. Here is a popular bicycle route leading to the 24-meter dune, from the top of which there is a scenic view to the surroundings.

The village of Hollum, located in the south of the island, sher with travelers with an atmosphere of past centuries. And the ancient streets called Zuiderlaan and Oosterlaan there are still preserved original appearance of the medieval era.

Not far from Hollum there is the Museum of Abraham Fock (Reddingsmuseum Abraham Fock) with lifeguards’ exposition. One of the most unique items of the museum is an ancient lifeboat bring into action by horses. Interestingly, this floating craft is still works.


Сlimate in Nes is moderate, marine and wet. Winter is mild, with an average temperature of about + 5C. In summer is moderately warm, with an average temperature of about + 16C.  Weather forecast for Nes for 7 days is available on our website online.


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