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Amsterdam , Netherlands

Port of Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands, the city of Amsterdam has several ports, including the cruise port Haarlemmerbuurt, which perfectly demonstrates our web camera online. This is an important and popular starting point for tourists visiting Amsterdam. Port Haarlemmerbuurt - the leader among all European ports. It services both sea and river cruise ships. Every year about 160.000 tourists pass here, about 800 river vessels and about 100 sea liners are moored. The port in our webcam is very well located – not far from Amsterdam center.


Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city in the Netherlands. The city got its name from the combination of the words "Amstel dam". The dam on the Amstel River was located on the spot where the Dam Square with our live broadcast is situated now.

At the end of the 12th century Amsterdam was a very small fishing village, but later it turned into one of the most important port cities in the world, which is clearly visible in the online webcam aimed at the Haarlemmerbuurt port. In the 19-20 centuries the city increased greatly, new areas and suburban regions appeared. Amsterdam is not just the capital of the Netherlands, it is an important financial and cultural center. There are many main offices of the largest Dutch companies here.

The basic attractions of the city besides the canals are the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District. In the center there are many favorite coffee shops.

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The city of Amsterdam has a mild climate. Winter is mild, the air temperature seldom falls below 0 ° C. In summer it is moderately warm, not hot. From October to March - the coolest period of the year. In August the daily temperature ranges from 22 ° C to 30 ° C.

Weather in Amsterdam for 7 days is available on our website online.