EYE Film Institute

Amsterdam , Netherlands

EYE Film Institute

The Netherlands EYE Film Institute, demonstrated in our live webcam, began its work relatively recently - in 2012 and immediately won an honorary place as one of the main attractions of Holland. The EYE Film Institute is a well-equipped huge complex to watch movies.

The building in our web camera online includes several institutions related to the cinema industry, a museum, a studio, a laboratory. In the near future a research department and a cinema library will be opened here also.

The EYE Museum, which you see in our webcam, has a large films collection from all over the world as also from Netherlands, beginning from 19th century. There are more than 46,000 films, about 50,000 photographs, melodies and posters. Also there is various cinema equipment with a variety of exhibits from the time of the Lumiere brothers to our days has been collected here.

After getting tired of the Institute's expositions, you can sit in a cozy cafe and taste the local cuisine, enjoying the beautiful panorama of the city of Amsterdam. Due to the good location near the water canals, the open terraces of the EYE Institute are good viewing platforms.

The first floor of the EYE Film Institute in our live stream is occupied by an archive, a children's playground, a museum store, restaurants and cafes. On the second floor there are 4 halls, accommodating 640 people and an exhibition place measuring 1200 square meters.

Every year the number of tourists in EYE Film Institute of Netherlands is growing constantly.

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