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Harlingen , Netherlands


There is a beautiful live stream showing the port town of Harlingen. It is located on the shores of the Wadden Sea, 30 kilometers from Leeuwarden, in the province of Friesland, in the north of Netherlands.

From Harlingen, which you can see in the online camera, ferries take tourists to two West Frisian Islands: Vlieland and Terschelling.

The inhabitants of the city of Harlingen, well visible in our live camera, mainly are engage in agriculture, fishing and seafood. As also, citizens are involved in ships and tourists services.

Harlingen in our webcam is a port city, so its life more concentrated in the city’s harbor. The fishing port, where large trawlers can also arrive, gets oysters and other shellfish, and also deals with transit shipments (livestock, forests, gravel, etc.). At the port there are several small shipyards, mainly engaged in ships repairing and yachts building.

It is important to note, the port of Harlingen is the only port in the Friesland province. Every year, during the Fisheries Days (Harlinger Visserijdagen), the port turns into a festive platform where you can listen to music, enjoy water sports, explore astronomy, visit markets and fairs.

Up to 1234 Harlingen, which you see in the live webcam, was just a small settlement. But, due to a successful trading position, in 1234 Harlingen got the right to be called the “city”. The best times came to the city in the 14th - 15th centuries.

The modern Harlingen, which view opens in our online stream, is a beautiful European city with a picturesque center, many city channels and historical buildings. In Harlingen that our webcam shows in a beautiful online live cam there is an interesting legend about a boy who lived here. The legend says he put a finger into the dam, fencing the city from the onslaught sea onslaught, saving Harlingen from flooding. In honor of his heroism, near the point of the ferries departure, was erected his monument. Besides, at a short distance of that statue, there is a symbol in honor of hero of the Dutch novel writer - Simon Vestdijk, the statue of Anton Wachter.

In the history of Harlingen, which is visible online, ruthless whaling played a big role. In the past, in the waters of the city, this fishery was an important trade engine. But nowadays, whales living near Harlingen are under protection: what symbolizes the great power of the sea.

This turning point in the history of the city became the foundation for the fountain creation, authored by artists Jennifer Allora (USA) and Guillermo Calzadilla (Cuba). The monument is a life-sized cachalot, spewing a strong stream of water. The monument is located in the Harlingen Sea Harbor. The Whale Fountain is a reminder of the urban heritage of shipping and whaling, as well as the enormous people influence on everything that lives in the sea. This work of art is part of the 11Fountains project, developed for each fountain of 11 cities in Friesland.


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The climate in Harlingen is moderate maritime. Winter is mild and summer is cool. In July, on average is about +17 degrees. It rains often. January is the month of frosts. The average temperature is about 0- + 2 degrees.  Weather forecast in Harlingen for 7 days is available on our website online.

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