Vlissingen beach

Vlissingen , Netherlands


Our web camera online is located on the beach of the city-port of Vlissingen in Netherlands. This is a popular recreation destination for the locals. People like to spend their family weekends here. There are many cafes and restaurants nearby, so after a beach rest it is very comfortable to have a dinner at the restaurant or a snack in a cafe.

Vlissingen is a colorful city, what can be seen in our webcam, but it is not rich in historical sights at all. The city has 3 parts: the old center, the shipyards (De Schelde) and the industrial zone (Vlissingen-Oost).

One of the oldest constructions since the days of the Dutch colonial empire, which caused the imperialism and the slave trade, is the Town Hall of 1549 and the Arsenal (Arsenaal), built in 1649. Nowadays there is a Marine Attractions Center (Maritiem Attrac-tiecentrum Het Arsenaal) open here. A very interesting place to visit in Vlissingen is the large terrarium “Iguana” (Reptielen zoo Iguana): there are many interesting types of reptiles and insects.

Vlissingen in our online broadcast is a real Dutch Riviera. Besides the beach holidays, it's nice to just to take a walk or ride a bike here.

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