Svolvær , Norway
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The webcam in Svolvær shows one of the oldest cities in Norway: its history goes back about 1200 years. At the same time, the settlement in the live broadcast has remained to this day a miniature and cozy port on the coast of a picturesque fjord in the harsh region of Nordland.

Tourists tend to Svolvær, which you see in the online camera, in search of interesting fishing. The local waters are rich in salmon and cod. But most travelers come here to admire the natural beauty of the city in a webcam.

Cruises along the coast, excursions to the Lofoten Islands and many sea voyages run from the port of Svolvær in online broadcast.

It is known that in the city where the live stream comes from, one of the first Christian churches in Norway was built in the 11th century.

Of the attractions in Svolvær, whose port you see in the online camera, two art galleries and the World War II Museum deserve attention.

Outside the city in the webcam is the most interesting. Here you can go to the sea view and watch killer whales, or to one of the islands of the Lofoten archipelago, where there is something to see: the Dried Fish Museum, ancient churches, Viking villages and an aquarium.

Be sure to visit Trollfjord, one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. Since Svolvær online is located nearby, you can travel directly on a cruise ship.

Svolværgeita Mount, which is located in the city shown live, attracts rock climbers. This is one of the key attractions of Svolvær in the webcam.



The Lofoten archipelago, where the online broadcast is conducted from, consists of 6 large and several small islands. A large number of islands connected, if not by bridges, then by tunnels, sometimes underwater.

The nature of Lofoten is amazing: there are high mountains drowning in clouds that change color, lush greenery among transparent fjords, a sea rich in fish.

All these beauties of the island, demonstrated online, delight already when approaching Lofoten from the sea, when a gloomy ridge of dark mountain peaks appears before the eyes of tourists – the Lofoten Wall (Lofotvеggen).

The Lofoten archipelago is a great place for fans of trekking and hiking.



Due to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate of Lofoten in this webcam is quite mild, despite its location above the Arctic Circle. From November to April on the islands is +/- 4 C, from June to the end of September is +8 – 15. From May 25 to June 17 on the island where the online camera is located, there are white nights when the sun does not set below the horizon. From December 4 to January 9, the polar night reigns with flashes of the northern lights. The weather forecast on the Lofoten archipelago for 7 days is available on our website online.

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