Wawel Castle

Kraków , Poland

Wawel Castle

The Wawel Hill, which houses the Wawel Castle and several cathedrals, lies next to a large Vistula River. Indeed a beautiful backdrop is seen on this webcam in Krakow of a significant Polish historical site. This castle residency on live camera is one of the largest in Poland. Cam online shows this famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in all its glory. It is part of the historic center of Krakow. Thanks to many rebuilds and restorations, the castle represents almost all European building styles such as the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods which can be admired on web cameras.

Wawel Hill History

When watching the Wawel Castle on Wawel Hill on online cameras, one has to imagine the long history of this important piece of Polish heritage. The Wawel Hill has a long history, starting with the fortification of the hill in the 9th century. Historical rulers from the Piast dynasty chose Wawel Hill as their residence. Wawel became the main Christian centers in Poland. A stone cathedral was erected here in 1000 AD.

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Wawel became a significant political and administrative site for the Polish State in the 11th century. During this period a second Romanesque cathedral was erected. It was later used for coronations of kings. During this time, the Wawel castle which can be seen in the vista of the webcam, In the 15th century, three towers were built to adorn the castle of Wawel further. These were namely the Thieves’ Tower, the Sandomierz Tower, and the Senatorial Tower. The royal court also commissioned artists to produce paintings for the castle, establishing a time-honored tradition of art exhibitions in the Wawel Castle.

 A new palace was built in the 16th century with an impressive courtyard and many galleries. When the court relocated to Warsaw, the castle showed slow deterioration due to neglect. Luckily this was stopped with restorations in later centuries. After Poland lost its independence in 1795, the castle was converted into a military hospital, and some of the cathedrals were destroyed. The Emperor of Austria, Franz Josef I, used the castle as his main residence.

At the turn of the 20th century, the main cathedral was restored. After Poland’s independence in 1918, the castle became the home of the Head of State and served as a museum of historic interiors. During the Nazi occupation, the Polish residents managed to transport the most valuable items to Canada for safe keeping.

Exhibitions at Wawel Castle

Today, the Wawel Hill Castle, as seen on camera online footage, services as an archive for many different antiquities and valuable items. These collections include photographic archives, a library, ceramics, paintings, graphic art, base metals, military objects, models and casts, sculptures, glass, textiles, archaeological finds, clocks, and gold smithery. It is also home to many temporary art exhibitions.

Baltic Live Cam also shows another view of the Wawel Castle, this time on web camera online footage from the main town square. Many fascinating castles and fortresses are captured by online cams such as the stunning Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Live webcam online footage also shows fascinating scenes from old town squares in Baltic countries such as Estonia and Lithuania online.